Monday, February 8, 2010

The Wall

I used to do indoor rock climbing some 8 years ago, my youngest Kyle was only 3 yrs old. I had forgotten how much fun it was and how much of a great workout it was. I think I was sweating buckets within 15 minutes of doing the first wall. Our bootcamp group accomplished so much on this Saturday climbing walls we thought we couldnt.
For the first time in ages, I said outloud as I was climbing one wall "I can't" and I wanted to be let down. Thank God I had Barry holding the ropes, he refused to let me down and kept telling me to think about what it was I was asking for and if it truly was what I wanted. Of course it wasn't, but the pain in my arms were so bad and I didnt have grip in my hands. In my head there was a battle going on and was I going to let the negative thoughts win - NO WAY.
I made it to the top inch by inch, grunt after grunt. I even think I let out some choice words. And when I finally got there I was so elated. My friends said to me "You made it, you can do this Triathlon". I guess I can but I still have to work hard on keeping my mind focused and never give up. Things may hurt, so bad sometimes you feel like your dying but your not. Its a reminder for me that I am alive and going places. I can do this.

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