Friday, March 25, 2011

Thankyou to each and every single one of you

"Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light."
-- Albert Schweitzer

Yesterday was such a BLAH day. Talk about a flurry of emotions - almost like a Tsunami that engulfed me. I was trying to stay rational but the ever increasing pressure in my head was not assisting in a clear thought process. I know this all sounds highly emotional and believe me looking back I can see how this may have looked. However that being said I think this shows how much I love what I am doing and how heart breaking it would be if I could no longer do it. I've never wanted anything so bad in my life.

I want to thank everyone so much for all of your kind and thoughtful emails and text messages via my blog, FB, DM and personal messages. Having you guys think so fondly of me made me feel better, and I really do mean that. You all helped me keep my thought's in check and made me see that I was still going to get to reach my goal. This was merely a small blip and that in the grand scheme of things it was better it happened now and not 2 days before the 70.3.

So with that being said I made an appointment with the GP and headed there this morning and have come out with a whopping dose of Doxycycline for a very bad sinus infection and the beginnings of a throat infection. No wonder I felt so very bad yesterday and not much better today. I have already taken 2 tablets today, and have been using the old FESS spray to help clean out the old passages - with much added relief.

After speaking to Jodie my coach I am not to return to training till I feel 100% better. Upon feeling better she will revise my training plan to wean me back into it so I don't fall sick again. I'm so lucky to have a great coach - one who really listens to you and has nothing but your best interests at heart.

I am just so lucky all round to have amazing friends and family. Now it's time to rest and recoup and get to feeling like my old self so I can get to this dream of mine and NAIL IT.

Your hard work will be rewarded.

"The path to a dream is paved with sacrifices and lined with determination. And though it has many stumbling blocks along the way, and may go in more than one direction, it is travelled by belief and courage and conquered with a willingness to face challenges and take chances" Barbara Cage