Monday, February 8, 2010

Hit the road Barb......

I did it, I did it, I did it. Remember the little goal some 4 posts back about riding on the open road - well I owned it today. This goal is home and hosed, all mine. Ok, now I'll settle down a bit, it was only 5km but I wasnt even scared. There were hardly any cars out - I think 4 may have passed me but I went up and back and felt good doing so.

Generally if I am on my own training I like the therapeutic value of music to get me pumped but today when I went out on the road I thought it wise to lower the volume and only have one ear piece in so I could atleast hear what was coming from behind. You know - should I need to bail and throw myself off the bike into some mushy patch of dirt on the side of the road. How funny would that look.

I also practised turning my head to the right and looking over my shoulder without veering all over the place. I didn't do too bad but still need more practise. "Rome wasnt built in a day" and you can tell neither will my cycling

My speed is ok but not great. I am cycling at about 25km/hr and feeling every ounce of that speed on my quads. I just need to get stronger in my legs but it is a bit hard when I am limited as to my running still. It will happen, just have to keep cycling.

Getting off my bike is an entirely different issue and needs a whole post of it's own. I shall focus on this on my next post. Stay tuned!!!

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