Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Membership Day Enticer Duathlon

I am so glad I did this even though it hurt more than words could explain. It hurt far more than my 70.3 in May and any of the hills going through Cobbitty - but in all honesty, I couldn't have cared less because I got to race and have fun in the process. And it also opened my eyes as to where my preferences lied in respect to distances. And I am 100% confident that my body likes the longer, slower kind. It has time to adapt and adjust and settle into a steadier rhythm, whereas with these short ones - it's on for young and old - literally.

I'm not sure I could contain my happiness about racing. It was really needed to help me overcome my sadness about Yeppoon. My legs were itching so bad to get racing - and I think most of my friends, if not absolutely everyone there could notice it too. I could never make a good poker player - my facial expressions totally give me away.

Felt odd setting my bike area up for a Duathlon, I felt like I was missing a whole heap of stuff. It was just my bike shoes, bike, PTC visor and helmet. I kept looking back at it thinking I was missing something - but I hadn't, just used to setting up for a Tri. I want to thank Andy from Panther Cycles for loaning me his cycling shoes as silly me lost mine at Yeppoon. Not sure where but I wasn't all with it after the race so where they have ended up is anyone's guess. So thankyou very much Andy, I am positive those babies made me cycle faster - your the best.

Pretty soon it was time to line up for the start, we got a group photo and then it was time to go. Having never done one - I was not sure of what to expect other than I knew it would hurt. But the speed at which everyone took off in left me in full sprint mod and when my Garmin clicked over for the first 1km - I nailed it in 4:42. WOW, I was running fast and having a blast at the same time. Boy, have we got a fast club.
Then on the second 1km it was time to slow it down a bit and I did that in 5:05 with a total time for the 2km - 9:47. I had no other option to slow down as my stitch that keeps haunting me at every run returned. It hits me right under my right rib and leaves me feeling bruised for days. More on that later.

Then it was time for a quick change into my cycling shoes, helmet on, grab my bike and GO. I was so glad to get on that bike. Can you tell?
I love my bike. And am liking more the fact that I am feeling somewhat stronger on it. It's a cool feeling when you see your speedometer not drop below the 30km/hr and still feel like you could push harder. Which I did, but then upon remembering I had to run again off the bike I laid of the accelerator a bit. As I was coming through the back stretch I hear this familiar voice "Hey Barb, how ya feelin". It was Paul. Boy does he make cycling look easy. His legs are like pistons and they make him move so fast. So as he sped off I tried to hang on but alas had to drop off - it's like trying to catch a Ferrari. So with 10km done my time was 19:46 and that was with both transitions involved.

Then it was back on with the runners and out for another 2km run. What was I thinking..... I think my heart rate didn't fall below 180 the whole way on this Duathlon.
The last 2km felt great apart from a pastie mouth. I had forgotten to have even one sip of my drink during the race and mouth felt like I had swallowed a bottle of Talcum powder. I was glad to see the finish and quite happy with my second 2km's at 9:43. Total time for Enticer Duathlon - 38.36. WooHoo. Not too shabby for my first one and potentially my only one.

After the race the club put on a massive feed and all the kiddies enjoyed face painting. There were also membership bags and cards given out to everyone who turned up. Absolutely awesome event. Glad I didn't miss it. I love catching up with everyone.

Thanks to everyone who took photos of me racing. It was much appreciated and I hope one day to be able to repay you all for such beautiful pics.

Then Monday I had to get a few things looked into. We get so caught up with trying to get fit and train for events that sometimes we either overlook a pain or chose to ignore it because you don't seem to have time to fit a visit to the Doc's in. Well, with no training at the moment there was to be no more excuses. So first thing was a little hernia that I noticed last Thursday at Core Class. Just above my belly button and a bit firm to touch. Doc wants that and my upper right abdomen pain that I keep getting everytime I run Ultrasound. Not sure if there is a relationship between the two but best to get them checked I say.

It was also time to get my sinuses checked into. I have had sinus issues for years due to allergies but this year they have been exceptionally bad. Always have cheek pain and forehead pain and headaches, so enough already. Lets get this body running in tip top condition. So antibiotics it is and an Xray. With these things in the process of getting checked out, that is another thing ticked off in my down time.

Then yesterday I went to visit a friends from the Tri Club's brother-in-law and brother at a place called Technogym. I have been looking into getting myself a treadmill for use here at home. And boy have I spotted the one I want in the future. It is so sleek looking and the quality of it really is beyond anything I have seen. It wasn't even the treddie that was beautiful, it was all of their equipment. Loved it.

Then after that I went to visit Jennie and Paul. And to my utter surprise I got spoilt to my hair being done and to a card that had the most beautiful of words written inside of it.
There are no words I can find to convey my true feelings about your gesture of love and kindness to me. You have made me feel so very special and I will never ever forget it. Just know that it is felt right down to the bottom of my heart. THANKYOU. And I love love love my hair. Thanks for a great day yesterday.

I have the best friends and family ever. Have I told you all that lately?

Your hard work will be rewarded.

"The path to a dream is paved with sacrifices and lined with determination. And though it has many stumbling blocks along the way, and may go in more than one direction, it is travelled by belief and courage and conquered with a willingness to face challenges and take chances" Barbara Cage