Monday, May 16, 2011

Tonnes of stuff

That's what this weekend had in store for me. It was jam packed with alot of good times, laughs and memories.

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early to head into the city with a friend from Dailymile Andrew. He and 12 others were competing in the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon representing not only themselves but also Dailymile. What an experience it was for me to be on the other side of an event - as a cheer leader. As an official cheer squad representing Dailymile.

The morning was a blast. FREEZING but so alive with energy, nerves, excitement - and that was just for me. I wasn't even competing and I was totally fuelled and ready to go. I could only imagine how everyone else was feeling. It was really nice to catch up with everyone - some whom I had met before and others who it was my first time meeting. Being part of this community - not only the Dailymile community but this fitness community is unlike any other. I am so happy to be a part of it all. I also spotted some friends from my Tri Club PTC, my training group TopNotch and my friend and ex-beautician who has since moved towns.
Then when I came home aside from the fact that I was still so very cold, I was welcomed home with the best lunch ever from my husband and children. Mum came to join us also.
This was absolutely divine - tasty and filling - just what I needed to warm up.

The only downer to this whole weekend is the fact that I just can't really seem to shake this sinus congestion. It's kind of lingered with me ever since that last infection and my head always feels full and slightly Neanderthal like. After Yeppoon it looks like there could be a possible trip to a specialist.

Your hard work will be rewarded.

"The path to a dream is paved with sacrifices and lined with determination. And though it has many stumbling blocks along the way, and may go in more than one direction, it is travelled by belief and courage and conquered with a willingness to face challenges and take chances" Barbara Cage