Saturday, September 10, 2011

The week that was.

Where do I start? What a week! A great week but busy nonetheless. I have been slowly getting back into things when I can fit them in and really enjoying the pace. The last couple of weeks before were really busy with the kids being sick with colds and Kurt fracturing his arm so haven't had much of a chance to do simple, easy training. Which in a way was good cause I needed to be resting.

This week I had a really enjoyable bike ride on the Wednesday. I felt fairly pleased with my cycling and think I am improving the more times I do it. The hills still hurt like crazy and at times I feel like my legs will implode BUT, obviously they don't and I seem to be managing them at a slightly faster pace. The 60kms we did, didn't feel too bad. And normally I feel really had it for days afterwards, but this time I only had a feeling of heaviness rather than pain.

I need to get back to my swim squad on Saturday. I think it's going to hurt though. I feel like I have lost alot of stamina and possibly a little confidence in myself, but will get back into it as of next week. With Nepean being a little over 8 weeks away, I want to be feeling fit. However, that being said, I need to get this hernia checked out next week. I have been procrastinating like crazy and am kind of scared that the Doc will say I need to have it repaired - and if thats the case, when do I fit that in?

Do I wait till after the Nepean? Then that only gives me about 4mths of cycling training for my bike ride to Melbourne. And if I do it now, then I miss out on a tonne of other races, like club ones, the TriShave Womens Sprint and the Nepean. Kind of torn in my decision. I guess it's probably better to do it sooner rather than later. Everytime I run now I end up with a stitch under my right rib which hurts like crazy and think it's because I have that weakness in my abdo wall. Sometimes it brings me to a grinding halt, and other times it is just this lingering sharp stitch that won't go away. So I think I have just answered my own question. It needs to be sorted out NOW.

Last night I participated in the Woodford to Glenbrook Night Run which was organised by the Blue Mountains Marathon Clinic. It is a 26km run through the fire trails and run by moonlight, obviously with headlamps on. I went with a few friends - Sarah, Cloe, Sonia & Paul and we caught the train from Glenbrook up to Woodford and the started out run back. At the end I met up with Ben who is the organiser of this run and his friends. Really great people.

I must admit I was nervous about this run. I really didn't want to trip and snap an ankle like I have in the past. That ankle twist plays heavily on my mind and to this day has left me with a constant swelling in the anterior aspect of my ankle. But the more of this run that I did, the more I enjoyed it. I really got to have all of my senses come alive. With impaired vision due to it being night time - my sense of smell, hearing and touch were on an all time high.

I loved it. And I got a PB in distance and time. With 26kms under my belt in 3hrs and 15min, I couldn't be more stoked. Might I add though - this morning, my legs are very sore and stiff. Check out the route and elevation map:
Would I do this run again, you bet. Here is some video footage.

I also have another Triathlete of the Month for you all: Click on his name.

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