Monday, June 27, 2011

Week 1 DONE

And what a way to finish the week. I was in two minds about this weekend. Mainly because it heralded the beginning of an 8 week program which was going to hurt AGAIN. And I don't mind the pain, but I hate the anticipation of what awaits me. I always imagine things to be a million times worse and really never give myself credit for what I am capable of achieving - even after all the things I HAVE done. Ya think I'd get it by now.

So with Saturday being the beginning of a long tough weekend, it was time to hit the pool at 5am. Yep, you read right - 5am. I was not feeling the love at 3:45am when my alarm went off - and whilst you may question the necessity for me to get up so early considering I only live 25mins away, I am a creature who likes to eat breakfast before a workout and as such need some time for it to digest. So, I have to grin and bare the early rise in order to feel slightly more functionable for a session.

So this was the swim set and not in it's correct order. I have enough trouble trying to work out what it is I have to do when I am being told let alone 45mins after the swim when I log it on Dailymile.

4 x 100's Free - Up breathing every 5, down breathing every 7
4 x 100's kick
4 x 100's Fly,Free
4 x 100's Free and Bk/s
2 x 200's Free on 3:30
400 easy Free
6 x 50's Bk/s, Br/s
4 x 100's Free with pullbouy at ankle

So I finished feeling relatively good but now needed to rush and get things prepared to go and watch the kids play their tennis comp - which might I add they are absolutely AMAZING. I am such a proud Mum. Well when they finished their comp and had to then do an hour's training session, I left them with Stephen and Mum and got on my bike and rode 52km's in 2hrs and made my way back home. It was a good time to start breaking in my new saddle, however I had forgotten how sore things can get in the nether region - so I spent a bit of time with my bum in the air. Anyway, I still got my sets done but with a bit of a grimace on the face. It will get better, it always takes time to break things in when they are new. This is my new baby.
Then by the time I got home all's I had time to do was shower, eat lunch, put my feet up for a bit and then off I went for a run with Susan. Oh boy this was tragically slow - but I was so tired. Nevermind it was only meant to be at a Zone 2 pace, and well I think it was borderline walk, but 6.7km got done and my Saturday was done. I ended up seeing some of the boys from the club Paul, Bob and Ryan and gees they make running look easy. So graceful and boundy they were.

When it was finally time to rest my weary head and body I don't even think I remember my head hitting the pillow. I was STUFFED, but knew I had one more day to go and I was really half way through the weekend. And I could do this.

Sunday morning I woke up at 5:30am - yep, you guessed it - 2hrs earlier to eat breakfast and get ready. I really love the peace and quiet and the chance to just gather thoughts and prepare for the day ahead. However as I headed out the door at 7am I was greeted with a FROSTY -2. It was so cold that the skin on my cheeks hurt. I drove to the Coffee Club and ordered my Long Black and waited for Sarah to turn and then had another as she had her Hot Chocolate as we waited for the fog to burn off. It's amazing though how many people were out and about exercising - some even in singlets.

So as Sarah and I headed out we knew we were going to be in for a hard ride with hills and Dave from Panthers Cycle's had told me of an ideal location to head to - Bents Basin. Oh boy, as we headed out there I was already hurting - not just in the legs but in other parts and so there were a few pit stops along the way. Chamois Butt'r and I are best friends - that stuff is GOLD.
As Sarah and I were nearing the top of one of the hills at Greendale, we passed a lady running. We said HI and thought nothing more of it till we hit the top of the hill. Well we got off and thought this prime photo opportunity and then the lady comes bouncing past and say's "beautiful morning". I said "Wow, you made it up here fast" and she said "Not bad for a Grandmother of 4 and 60". Sarah and I looked at eachother as our chins hit the floor, and we were both speechless. We both could not believe it and let her know how in awe we were of her. She said her fair wells and bounced away and Sarah and I just shook our heads. I want to be like that when I am 60 - heck I'd be happy to be like that at 40.

We continued on our merry way and finally made it down to Bents Basin. The whole time I was heading down there I knew we would have to come back up and I was dreading it - my legs were already toast. So we made another stop, had a quick bite and then headed back.

Heading back wasn't as bad through Bent's Basin, it was more once we hit Chain o Ponds that I started getting quite fatigued again. Sarah was a total trooper doing all the hills in aero as instructed by Coach Jodie. After 70km and heading back to the Coffee Club we still had a 20min run off the bike to accomplish and with that done - WE had just done our first week of Yeppoon 70.3 training. I was so glad to be done. Sarah, you are a legend and one tough chickey babe. Yeppoon is going to be a breeze for you - I look forward to seeing you smash it to bits.

When I finally got home at 1:30'ish Stephen and the kids had a beautiful lunch waiting for me. I was so hungry - all I wanted to do was stop the Mr Whippy Icecream van down at the river on my way home and eat a Choc Top - but I didn't. I came home to a yummy BBQ with roasted vegies instead. I have the best family.

And so Week 2 begins.

Your hard work will be rewarded.

"The path to a dream is paved with sacrifices and lined with determination. And though it has many stumbling blocks along the way, and may go in more than one direction, it is travelled by belief and courage and conquered with a willingness to face challenges and take chances" Barbara Cage