Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Could it have always been that simple.

I do believe I have just spent the last 14yrs of my life in a complete fog. Going from doctors to specialists and back again being treated for a condition which they had no idea from where it originated from. I have endured scans, medications - some with horrendous side effects, injections and mental anguish in the hope that whatever the specialists were doing was going to help. But guess what it never did and it would come in waves.

So fast forward 14yrs and I have a new physio and new specialist and I have come to find out that I needn't have gone through any of that if they had of soley focused on my core and stabilisers. Basically the inflammation in my Sacroiliiac joints came about (from what he believes) is the laxing of my muscles, joints and ligaments during my twins pregnancy, due to the effects of oestrogen on the things I have just mentioned. And because the SI spaces are not smooth but rather jagged they have grinded on themselves and caused the inflammation. And as the inflammation continued and progressed the less space and more rubbing/friction happened and we had a revolving door effect. So as the pain progressed one always compensates and holds themselves differently, things tighten up, other things give way and you end up with muscles that are not supporting your skeletal structure whatsoever.

Also my abdominal muscles were severely stretched obviously due to a twin pregnancy and to this day when I do a crunch or situp I have a ridge that travels directly from around belly button to top of stomach which shows they have not meshed. Now as a result of all of this the following things have happened to my lower body:
  • inadequate core strength
  • inadequate stabilisers
  • extremely tight muscles in back and legs
  • continued irritation of SIJ's
  • resulting injuries
  • inflammation of ligaments
  • the list goes on........
SO, with all of this to play with he strongly believes that he can help me and for this I am greatful and am going into the next couple of months with extreme excitement, anticipation and nerves.

This coming Thursday I am booked in for Cortisone injections into my SI spaces. The aim is to reduce the inflammation and pain and get focused (really focused) on improving my core and stabilisers. I know I have been doing all my stuff at home but when things hurt you don't give it your all. So thats where the injections come into play.

I am then booked into physio on the following Monday and he will have a letter for me to give to Lisa with everything that he wants me to do. If after 2 weeks the pain returns he wants me to come back and see him and it may be another round of injections followed by continuation of physio. He made a really good analogy in regards to the injections and inflammation. He said its kind of like trying to put out a bushfire, you cant just use the hose once and turn your back and walk away. The embers could re-ignite and you have your bushfire happening all over again. He see's the injections and inflammation in much the same light. As the inflammation settles and I become pain free I am able to work my back, core and stabilisers more and they are then better able to support me and my back. Make's sense.

So, I also mentioned the groin pain and he tested me for muscle pulls, or hip problems and it is pretty much neither. I have Enthesopathy in the right lateral side of my symphisis pubis. He was testing all my muscles and ligaments and then he touched that part of my bone and I almost touched the roof. "Easily fixed" he said, I have to take one tablet a week of this medication for 4 weeks and it will reduce the inflammation. Pretty much a drug they use for osteoporosis. Mum is not on this anymore so I cant even scab some off her....lol

So all in all, even though it all sounds doom and gloom in terms of needles, I can see a light. A bright light and for that I am eternally optimistic. I can't keep going the way I am or I will never see my dreams come to fruition.

So I am going to "DNS" [did not start- my version...lol] , can't DNF myself cause I haven't even started the next 2 runs. And yep, that includes my Half Marathon. Small price to pay I think for my health and ability to complete the bigger picture.

Nothing is impossible
to a willing heart.

"John Heywood"

Your hard work will be rewarded.

"The path to a dream is paved with sacrifices and lined with determination. And though it has many stumbling blocks along the way, and may go in more than one direction, it is travelled by belief and courage and conquered with a willingness to face challenges and take chances" Barbara Cage