Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Clean Bottle Review and Giveaway

Two words that seem to go together like water and oil - chalk and cheese - cyclist and triathlete....In all reality how hard is it to keep your bottles clean.
Nothing worse than waking up early in the morning , all bleary eyed to go and fill the bottles up with your favourite electrolyte drink to find that you have once again stored your bottles in the dark drawer only to find it has somehow grown a plethora of micro-organisms in the base, spout or rim. Now I can see you all cringing and getting the shivers but I know I am right. Why? Well I know what kind of a clean freak I am and how hard I work at getting those bottles to shine. But no matter how much i soak them in hot soapy water and then let them air dry - they still seem to want to produce those friendly little critters in the bits I just can't seem to get to.

That was until I was given the opportunity to test out the Clean Bottle.

I absolutely without a smidge of a doubt think this bottle is awesome. Upon first glance I thought to myself, it looks like an ordinary bottle apart from it's ergonomic shape. However, upon closer inspection and much to the females delight - I saw that this bottle came apart from both ends. I shrilled, yes shrilled with delight. I shrilled only the way a woman can when her life is made easier.
If you are a clean freak like me - you can see how this is every clean-a-holic's dream. no more trying to get into the bottom with a bottle brush - those day's were over. My time was going to be better spent figuring out which hill to climb next.
There is absolutely no part of this bottle I cannot get at. I will literally get a soapy sponge and give it a whirl on both ends of that bottle, rinse, give it a shake, let it air dry on the window sill  - and Bob's your Uncle - I have a clean bottle.

It fits in my bottle cage as safely as my other bottles and comes out just as nicely too. My fear when buying bottles has always been "Will I struggle getting that puppy out of it's cage". But not this one. It slides right on out without any effort whatsoever and gets back in without any effort as well. Saves me of having to think of too many things at once. Lord only knows breathing, changing gears, breathing, getting out of saddle, breathing, pedaling requires more thinking than I care to think about. And if I add battling with my bottle to the mix, I could very well fall off my bike. The Clean Bottle has been a real nice compliment to my cycling kit  and shares the drawer well with my other favourite bottles. There is no jealousy amongst them.
I also like the fact that when I go to have a drink I aqm not getting a measly dribble into my mouth. There is a good exchange of liquid and air which means I get an adequate mouthful of drink when required. And if I need a little extra the bottle is flexible enough to allow me to squeeze that extra bit when I need it. What more could I ask for.

So the next time you go to clean your bottle - just ask yourself this one question "Will it ever be as clean as the Clean Bottle?". And if you even have the smallest doubt then I suggest you get yourself the easiest botle to keep clean.

GIVEAWAY: If you would like to enter a drawing for a chance at winning a Clean Bottle of your own, comment below or on Mike Neifert's Blog Review on Open Mikey. Additional entries up to 5 per person can be obtained by tweeting a link to this post with his username - @openmikey - and Clean Bottles username - @CleanBottle in it. You can also go to Clean Bottle's Facebook page and comment on their wall - just say "Open Mikey sent me. I want to win a Clean Bottle". If you do all of these things you will have a total of 5 entries. The drawing will be on February 22 at 5am CST. A BIG thankyou goes to Dave and Jesse at Clean Bottle for making this contest possible.


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