Monday, February 8, 2010


Ok, so I have the comfy pants, great, so why does everything down south still hurt? Is it the seat or the newness of my body to the riding? Whatever it is I wish it would hurry up and stop hurting. My friend Susan and I get off the bikes wishing our lower half belonged to someone else.

I am yet to figure out how people ride for more than 25km without getting off their bikes feeling red raw. I try riding for little more to the right then for a little bit more to the left, some of it positioned more forward, the rest sitting more on my tail. Whichever way it all still hurts. What am I doing wrong? Maybe downstairs just needs to toughen up.
Every bump in the road after the 15km mark makes me see stars. I have even resorted to lifting my bum out of the saddle over the smallest of bumps to give my derriere a reprieve. There has to be something missing. Maybe my next purchase will be one of those seats with the middle bit missing. Maybe thats the missing link (no pun intended).

I have also started training in trying to get off the bike and start running without looking like I have done a doody in my pants. Not sure if I will ever look like a graceful swan in this transition, I find it very difficult. My brain sends the necessary signals down the right pathways to my legs but somehow it gets scrambled and my legs move in the necessary fashion to propel me forward but they feel so disjointed. Truly an odd sensation. I just need to keep on practising the transition and doings small runs/fast walks straight after getting off the bike.


  1. Baarb, I've never had a standard bike seat that comes on a bike that was comfortable. However, I did buy a replacement seat that is actually tolerable!

  2. I really think someone should invent a water seat - kinda like a water bed. So it contours to ones bottom.... :)


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