Thursday, April 21, 2011


Do you ever have days where you don't quite feel worthy? That people's views of you far outweigh how you see yourself? That you feel so humbled by how much friends and family think of you? Well the last 2 days have been that way. It's hard to put into words how loved and special I feel - and my only hope is that I never let anyone down.

Through every step of this magnificent journey I have had each and everyone of you cheering me on and making me feel like I was totally invincible. That no matter what I could and would achieve anything I set my mind to. From doing my first ever Enticer Triathlon just over a year ago to now just days away from reaching a goal I never in my wildest dreams thought attainable - my first ever 70.3.

Six months ago I was struggling to run 2km's and now I can run a full 21km. Twelve months ago I rode one lap of the Regatta Centre and struggled so badly with pain afterwards that I never thought I would reach my goal of my first Enticer and now here I am about to cycle 90km. This whole journey and everyone's enthusiasm and love to see me get as far away from my "old me" has me so driven to be the best I can be on May 1st that I cannot even begin to describe in words.

And when I say to be the "best I can be", it's not to smash any records or be some elite triathlete - we know that's never going to happen - BUT I sure as heck know that for every inch of the way that I will give it my all, and be as proud as punch that I, Barbie, will be as far away from that sick Barbie that she can be. That I will have proved to myself that I can overcome anything.

So with all that being said - look at what my dear friend Elissa had made for me for my birthday. Whilst she was over in the States she signed off on the naming rights and had these shirt made for me. Not just one, but one for every member of my family and herself plus a few more.

How lucky am I? I have my very own special team - all there, wearing my name on a shirt. What's not to love about that? I haven't stopped smiling or wearing my shirt for that matter. I am proud as punch. Thankyou Elissa for being such a dear sweet friend. Love ya lots.

Then today, Kirsten from DM popped over with her gorgeous children. We chatted and chatted and chatted over lunch and a few cuppas. Then Kirsten popped out a present for me. I felt so blessed and touched by how my friends are supporting me through this 70.3 journey. Here is what I got!
Thankyou so very much Kirsten. I think my jaw dropped so far onto the floor I had to reach down and pick it up. Now for all of you who don't know what the initial's WWBD stand for - here is the inside scoop - click here. What a humbling experience it was to know that Kris felt that way. I really couldn't stop crying when I saw this post. To both you Kirsten and Kris - THANKYOU for making me feel so special. I will look at this bracelet and answer that question with "Never give up".

Then this afternoon Mel popped over as well. I thought to drop me off my favourite Nutrimetics Cream, however she too had a wonderful gift for me. Check this little guy out.
My very own Goodluck Buddha.

Thankyou Mel, to know that you will have me in your thought's not just on May 1st but have everyday makes me feel so blessed to have you as a friend. Love ya lots. You have a heart of gold.

With all of you by my side, how can I go wrong May 1st. Even if I come through that chute being the very last competitor I will still have won. Because I had you all cheering me on.

And I am going to have to top typing here, because I can't stop crying. You are all too much.

Your hard work will be rewarded.

"The path to a dream is paved with sacrifices and lined with determination. And though it has many stumbling blocks along the way, and may go in more than one direction, it is travelled by belief and courage and conquered with a willingness to face challenges and take chances" Barbara Cage