Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to all.

Christmas has come around quite quickly this year. And with the usual organised chaos comes the inevitable questions from the kids - "which presents can we open tonight, do we have to wait till midnight, do we get to open the others as soon as we wake up on Christmas Day". All of them answered "you get to choose, yes you have to wait and yes you can apart from Nan's one".

My husband is probably the worst but not in regards to his present but wanting me to open my present. Last night he was all like "Ohhhhhhh go on, pleaseeeeeee open it, your gonna love it". What fun is that I said, I want to open something on Christmas Day. So he finally relented and walked away like a sad little boy. I hate breaking his heart, but the one thing I love is opening presents Chrissy Day, after all it's only tomorrow. Before I know it, I will be up to my eye balls in unwrapped Christmas paper and enjoying seeing the kids faces light up as they see what we have gotten them.

I spent up till about 10pm last night wrapping presents, and the whole day cleaning up around the house. The kids helped heaps and in the process they got to re-arrange their rooms - I don't mind, it means I get to cull alot of the garbage which has accumulated over the year. My motto is "if it hasn't been used in a year atleast once - then it has to go". Alot of the clothes they had outgrown which were still in decent shape got given to St Vincents de Paul for people who really do need it. Each of us had about 4 bags full - Merry Xmas to whomever receives it.

Then this morning I woke up nice and early with my eldest son Kurt and I got in a 7.6km run whilst he rode his bike. God love his cotton socks he said to me as we arrived home "Wow Mum, your getting faster". Do you think he wants an extra special present..... In all honesty, he was really impressed with how far my running had progressed since the last time we did any exercise together. I feel good knowing that my son thinks so highly of me - makes me feel special.

I have also noticed my energy coming back with avengance as I have been sticking to my new eating plan and have also started back on my nutritionals from Neways. I absolutely love Ming Gold and Revenol and can't speak highly enough of how they make me feel and how much more stamina I seem to have. I can really notice when I am not on them. As with any good plan it is all about sticking to it so you can make full use of their properties.

So it is here I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and thankyou all for your kind support since I started in this blogger world. I hope each and everyone of you get spoilt rotten and share in the love over this festive season. I get to have tomorrow off and then back at it Boxing Day.

(Photo from Sabinche - Flickr)

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