Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Started with a bang.

Week 2 has been an eventful week so far and we are only on Tuesday. I am starting to think that this feeling of tiredness will be a part of me for a while, atleast that is till my body gets accustomed to the workload and the new stresses I am putting on it.

Yesterday had me doing 2 sessions in the one day. And in hindsight I should have started earlier but kids were not starting school till today. So I headed out for my 4km run at around 1pm and even though it was cloudy, the bitumen was hot and the steam from the previous night's rainfall was rising up and I was hot. Sweaty and hot. Not the most pleasant situation but I figure we are heading into the warmer months so i just need to get used to it.

Later that evening I went to the local pools and did my swim session. Remind me never to go in the afternoon again. There were swim squads everywhere. So I had to do my 3.6km session in the lane which held the big boys from the Tri Club. It wasn't until I was almost finished my set that the lanes started to become empty.

Here was my session:
  • 300m Warm up
  • 6 x 50m Drills 15 sec rest
  • 8 x 50m Hard on 1 min
  • 4 x 100m Tempo on 1 min
  • 2 x 200m Easy on 3:30
  • 1 x 400m TT with 2 mins rest afterwards. I did it on 6:10
  • 2 x 200m Easy on 3:30 with pullbouy
  • 4 x 100m Tempo on 1:40
  • 8 x 50m Fins (25m easy, 25m hard)
  • 200m cooldown
  • 3.6km Done and Dusted.
Today when I woke up it was the same ol' same ol'. Kids back at school so the usual rush in the morning began. Hubby got them off to school and I prepared myself for my 2hr aerobic bike ride. In this ride I needed to do 8 x 2min Zone 4 efforts with 5 mins recovery inbetween. This was hard. Everytime I was ready to do effort I would encounter a hill or a long slow insignificant rise which made it all the more harder. But I did it.

I also managed to ride this all on the main road on my own. One thing I noticed that is very different from riding on the weekend to the weekday, is how impatient drivers are. I had 2 trucks turn left right in front of me as I was cruising down a hill. I literally had to slam my breaks on - boy did I let them have it. Where is their brain?

So anyway, I rode 50km in just under 2 hrs and was happy with my effort. I rewarded myself with a beautiful hot shower and loads of stretching as my left knee was starting to hurt and click a little. I think my ITB is getting a bit tight.

Bring on tomorrow.

Your hard work will be rewarded.

"The path to a dream is paved with sacrifices and lined with determination. And though it has many stumbling blocks along the way, and may go in more than one direction, it is travelled by belief and courage and conquered with a willingness to face challenges and take chances" Barbara Cage