Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Perfectly perfect

Well, since my last post alot has happened. Some worth mentioning - and some not. Everything I believe has happened for a reason - I am a firm believer in positivity breeding exuberant amounts of opportunities. AND that's exactly what has happened.

For those of you who know me well, you will know how hard it has been for me this last year. I am not ashamed of what I have had to work through. Living and overcoming anxiety and depression has been quite a battle. It is something that has made me question myself to the very core of my being, yet even though it has challenged me far more than anything else in my life - I BELIEVE I am coming out the other end a much stronger and resilient individual. I look at things a heck of a lot differently and understand that you are only given this one life - and why wouldn't you want to take every opportunity that comes your way and make the most of it, regardless of the judgements that some may wish to impose on you. After all, this is NOT something we wish on ourselves - Lord only knows this is not something we would wish on our worst enemy. And so because of the things I have learnt through this testing time, I have applied them to my daily life.

Anyway enough of that.

Life is amazing at the moment. With only 5 weeks to go till Yeppoon 70.3, although I don't feel anywhere near as fit as this time last year - I feel prepared to tackle the swim and kick it's arse (pardon the expression). After all, coming back to Yeppoon was all about settling the score with the ocean. ANd whilst this race will be very slow - I couldn't care less. I just want to finsih the swim. And I know I will - thanks to BondiFit's Spot and Sarah. You guys have made me so unafraid of the ocean and for that I am forever grateful. I love the fact that I don't get sea sick and I love the fact that I can open my eyes and see what is happening underneath the waves. I have you guys to thanks for that. If any of you guys reading this are looking for great Open Water mentors - then BondiFit is for you.

I have also tackled my first 10km run since last year. I entered the SunCorp Sydney Harbour 10km race and might I add - I think I did pretty well. Actually I am stoked with my time considering I was hoping to walk/run it in about 75mins. Are you ready to hear my time?


Thats about a 5:30 pace per km. How awesome is that? I remember when I first started running I was happing to be doing a 6:30 pace - and I think I may have even said to my best friend Susan that I was quite content to keep that pace. But now to say that, after a year my body has recognised a 5:30 pace as being something it is capable of starting back at - is really quite exciting to see what the future holds in terms of my running.

It was such an amazing run too. So beautiful and flat - just the way I like it. And my new Sir Lady Isaac's felt great to run in too. They make me fall into my run and consequently my pace improves too. So much so that I was pacing a young chap for the majority of the run.

My best friend Susan also did AMAZINGLY. She smashed her first 10km run in a whopping 49mins and is well on the way to reaching her goal of the accomplishing the City to Surf. You have this in the bag missy.

But nothing makes me excited as my new job - Media and PR for TriShave Australia. Want to know more about TriShave? Then click here. This product is unlike anything else on the market. It is something I have used for over 2yrs since my first TriShave Womens Triathlon event and have loved it ever since. Being out in the sun for training I have realised how important it is to take good care of your skin. And what I was looking for I found in TriShave. I found a great moisturiser and sunscreen in one without the greasiness and harshness that came with other SPF products. I have quite sensitive skin and TriShave ticked that box too. So why would I have turned away from such a fantastic product. So when I was asked by Larisa if I wanted to work for her - it seemed like the perfect fit and my answer of YES came naturally. 

I am so excited. TriShave rocks. Check out the website and check out where you can purchase it from. You won't look back - I promise you that. Every Australian should have this product in their bathroom. And if you don't - WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Your hard work will be rewarded.

"The path to a dream is paved with sacrifices and lined with determination. And though it has many stumbling blocks along the way, and may go in more than one direction, it is travelled by belief and courage and conquered with a willingness to face challenges and take chances" Barbara Cage