Thursday, September 30, 2010

Should I start the two a day today?

Of course. I wanted to take advantage of the yummy weather I was blessed with today. So I headed down to the pools and just did a nice easy 1400m swim. Can't exactly say why my swim was so short other than a coffee and my best friend were beckoning, and I thought that seeing as this is my last week before I start my training in earnest I would be allowed to make it easy. So I just did a few 100's, some kick with fins and some Bk/s mixed in for variety.

As I was getting changed I realised how much of a patchwork quilt my body looked like with all its tan lines. I have the cycling/tri short marks on my legs, a nice white belly, the swimmers "O" on my back and singlet marks on my shoulder. Not a glamorous look at all. So I was thinking in the name of beauty I had to get myself a cossie that I could wear for training as well as at the beach and hope that it would blend some of the lines.

I also decided to get myself a new pair of goggles as my last pair although totally awesome are probably a bit too dark for open water swimming. So I got myself the AquaSphere Kaiman. They have tinted lens but nothing like my Vorgee Missile.

I also received in the mail today upon my return from my swim my compression socks. Talk about impeccable service from EziSports. I put in my order and in less than 24hours it is at my doorstep. So I thought I would try my 3km run with them and see how the legs pulled up. They are so super comfy. Not too tight and not too loose. They are thick enough to assist in compression but light enough so you don't overheat. And my one concern was that they might slide down as I ran, but they stayed put.
I also wanted to see if it helped with my ankle swelling, and I am pleased to announce that my ankles came back from the 3km run this afternoon nice and slender, not an ounce of swelling was noticed. I did get some strange looks as I was out running. Not sure if it's because they liked my new socks or because I looked like a 70's basketball player. I like to think it's because I looked like a professional runner. A girl can dream.


  1. Nice new pic at the top.

    I think all those tan lines is the sign of an active girl more worried about hitting a PR than looking good in a beach chair.

    I also think it's kinda hot.

    And again with the nice easy 1400m swim.

  2. I have 3 tans lines, bike jersey, tri jersey, and no tan, I look like neopolotain ice cream with my tan lines

  3. I have the crazy tan lines too! It's just the mark of a triathlete :)
    I have Zoot Compression Socks...I felt silly the first time I ran with them until I realized my legs felt so good I didn't care.

  4. I like all the tans lines..a badge of honor! Sadly, ours will all be disappearing around here soon. Love all the new gear!

  5. I agree, keep the tan lines as's the secret code for other athletes. Love the socks...

  6. Flatout Jim: Thankyou for the compliment about the picture. As for the tan lines, your right, more concerned about hitting my personal best.

    BDD: Me too. Its funny looking at yourself in the mirror.

    Copychic: Your right. I shall keep or add many more different tan lines.

    misszippy: Your right. They are a badge of honour. And it is sad that you are heading into your winter but after seeing that magical photo of yours with all the snow - I'm jealous :)

    Patrick: Thanks mate. Will do.

  7. Tan lines=Athlete.
    Wear 'em proud!

    Have always wanted to try out those compression socks.
    You made me want to get a pair....

    Great job in the swim...even though friends were beckoning:0)

  8. My tan lines are always out of control. I've just learned to live with them! :)
    I love my compression socks too! I'm glad yours worked well for you on your run!

  9. Dawn: Go get yourself a pair, they feel awesome.

    Aimee: Yes I never realised how crazy the tan lines would get.


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