Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I received an email yesterday evening from my coach. This new email held the contents of the beginning of my new program to get me to the 70.3 next year in May. Am I excited? For sure. I actually cannot wait. Never in my wildest dreams some 18mths ago would I have ever contemplated being excited about a long arduous journey like the one I am about to embark on. But there is something reassuring and calming about having a program set in concrete to follow. I know that step by step, day by day, week by week and month by month I will inch my way closer to the my goal.

My new training works on a monthly basis with slow increments being made in the running department. By the end of October I will have made my way to running 5km which will coincide with my first ever Sprint Tri. Another goal I am looking to conquer. This months training program goes something like this:
  • Monday: Swim/Run
  • Tuesday: Bike ride
  • Wednesday: Run
  • Thursday: Swim
  • Friday: Spin/Run
  • Saturday: Ride/Swim
  • Sunday: Off
Kind of looking forward to the 2 a day sessions as it will definately improve stamina. Must get really cracking on my vitamin supplementation and not forget any of them or run out, as it always takes me a week or so to get some more.

Today I had some more physio and I am pleased to say that my paraspinals have a little more movement in them. And why shouldn't they when I am getting a really good workout once a week. I haven't felt that horrible nerve pinch in a while so even though the pain at physio can at times be unbearable I will continue to endure it because the benefits are unreal. My back feels great.

Things are looking up so BRING IT ON.


  1. That's great about your back! I love doing 2/days...makes you feel really fit. Oh, and a bit tired! You'll do great with it.

  2. cool blog
    good luck with the training

  3. You are gonna love the 2 x days, they make physically stronger, mentally stronger, and you'll sleep like a baby.

  4. How exciting to have your plan! I also like 2 a days! For some reason, they always feel like a huge accomplishment to me!

  5. misszippy: Yes, I think I will be very tired. Won't be like anything I have ever done before.

    chris mcpeake: Thanks so much for stopping by, it is really nice to have you here. Make sure you stop by again.

    BDD: Yep, there's nothing like diving in the deep end :)

    Patrick: Looking forward to the activities and definately a good night's sleep.

    Aimee: Yes, I will definately feel like a Triathlete once it starts ramping up.

  6. Great to hear that you are healing well! The program will be tough, but it'll be worth it :-)


  7. YAY For You!!!!! I just came on to your blog through DailyMile! I too am a 36 year old first try at Triathlons was this summer. I`m never turning back!

    Thanks for sharing all`s neat to know you`re out there doing all this too!!!!
    WAY TO GO:)

  8. Eoin: I think it will be too.

    Dawn: So glad to have you on board. I love sharing my journey with friends. Triathlons are so much fun and am so glad I found the sport.


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