Friday, October 1, 2010

I conquered the hills. Yes, HILLS.

I kept hearing around the Tri Club circle about this route that has an exuberant number of decent hills and even though the thought of it was enough to make my blood run cold, something inside of me wanted to be part of that elusive group of individuals. I too wanted to say that I had ridden those hills and survived. I too wanted to fly the badge of bravery and feel that I can hang with the big boys.

So today I decided to do just that with a friend who has ridden it before. There are two areas with hills and even though I wanted to do both I knew it wise to tackle only one of those today otherwise it could have turned my ride into a century ride full of hills - not sure if I wanted to push myself to that distance just yet.

This route that we chose although not totally hectic with traffic can at times leave you a few inches away from some very big trucks. This is the closest I would ever like to be but am glad to say that they don't scare me like they used to.

The one thing I struggle with when doing hills is that although I don't find it hard in getting out of the saddle to climb, it's the length of time I can do it for. I seem to find it a bit easier to climb the hills sitting down. But over a long period it does fatigue my legs and my back starts to ache like crazy. So this is something I definately need to work on.

I'm getting there. I feel like I am getting stronger and more determined to succeed. I like this feeling.


  1. Nicely done! I'll be hitting some hills tomorrow...

  2. Patrick: Thanks. They were hard but fun on the down side. Goodluck with your hill ride tomorrow.

  3. Jen Brown MangulabnanOctober 1, 2010 at 5:07 PM

    Ah Greendale my old friend :-)

    That is a really solid ride; well done Barb!

  4. Jen: It sure was a doozie. But I am so pleased that I did it.

  5. oh I am sooooooo sore... and i still have not tackled my run ) : Oh what am I to do...

  6. Stronger? You're tough as nails. The tough kind of nails. The ones that don't break or bend or nuthin'. Also, love the new photo up top.

  7. I did a similar ride over the summer for training. It about killed me to conquer those hills, but I feel amazing for having done it!

  8. Everyone I ride with knows I hate hills, its to the point were the dont tell that its a hilly ride, till we get to the hills, the say they "forgot", I think its because they dont want to hear me whine the whole ride.

  9. PS I will pay to mail if you win, though you will be responsible for any import tax that your country charges if any.

  10. Elissa: Hopefully your run went well. If not make sure you book in for a massage.

    Quinton J: Love it. Thankyou :)

    Copychic: Yes, I feel totally amazing and can't wait to do it again.

    BDD: That's funny. There's another set of hills I badly want to tackle but first things first. Sounds good. I wonder how long they will hold it in customs for due to the food.


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