Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Feeling good.

After Saturday's Triathlon and the euphoria that went with it subsiding, I decided to keep my word in going for the long bike ride on Sunday morning with the Panther's girls. I am happy to report that I rode a new distance - 64km to be exact. Not a great deal more but after Saturday's effort my legs were just about toast. Once again I confronted the motorway and on the way back I even headed back to my car on my own. I felt confident enough to be able to manouevre myself around a roundabout and when I got back to the car I was even tempted to ride straight past it and head home. And if my legs felt fresh I would have gone straight home and gotten Stephen to take me back to pick up the car. But I piked out and drove home instead.

Yesterday was a much needed rest day and I am really considering buying some compression gear for my lower legs. They felt so tight and full of fluid that I think my circulatory system needs some help in shunting it back. My ankles were/are also quite swollen and tight which seems to coincide with the warmer weather. I had much the same thing happen last year around Christmas when my ankles became cankles. Not a pretty sight at all.

But this has not put me off still getting out and keeping up with my training. I did another 3km run this afternoon and felt surprisingly fresh in the legs. I tried to pay attention to my form as I noticed in my photos that I am a real heal striker. It is not so bad when I feel good but as the run continues it just progressively gets worse. Have a look:

Atleast I am still smiling. It could be worse I guess.


  1. Race on Saturday, then a 64k ride on Sunday. No wonder you're legs were swollen.

  2. A well deserved rest day, nothing like it!


  3. Hooray for rest days and definitely yes on compression socks/sleeves!

  4. I am a HUGE believer in compression gear, I believe it really works. Now you have socks, calf guards, full tights, shorts, I have all of the above, my suggestion is the full tights, its covers all your leg (just a tip from someone who over spend trying to find the right combination)

  5. My legs would have been tired and swollen too! I love my compression tights and socks! I honestly think they help with my recovery!

  6. Flatout Jim: Yeah, i keep thinking I am a spring chicken and shouldn't be feeling it :)

    Eoin: So very very true.

    Kovas: Am going to look into them today.

    BDD: Thanks, I have the full leg and now that we are heading into the warmer weather I think it may be a bit hot.I think I may get the socks because my ankles get swollen too.

    Aimee: Yes, i have heard alot of great things. Time I started listening.

  7. Yep, compression gear rocks! Got and get them you will love the feeling and the benefit! Awesome ambitious training, keep it up, you are becoming a machine! Cheers!

  8. B...You have the hottest gear. And I love your photos. your smile in that last one is the best.

  9. Skierz: I have just ordered a pair and hopefully I get them in the next couple of days.

    Quinton J: Thanks so much. I am sure at some point in the future that smile will go when things get tough, but i will try to keep them coming.


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