Friday, July 23, 2010

What a find!!!

Just found the best site "Swim Smooth" after reading Triathlete Magazine. It is a 3D animated guy which shows the correct swim technique from absolutely every angle imaginable. All you need to do is follow the blog "Feel for the water" which gives you absolutely great tips and advice for swimming, articles and training. Also"Like" them on Facebook and download Mr Smooth to your desktop.

The 3D download is awesome. A fantastic birds eye view of a swimmer with every angle accounted for. You can even see how to breathe correctly and correct hand placement down to the fingers. I am gobsmacked. CHECK IT OUT and become a follower.

I figure we can all use whatever help is out there.


  1. That's very cool and worth checking into...although these days I am so lazy about my swim technique!

  2. misszippy: Isn't it just the best.

  3. I will definitely check it out when I have am minute. Cause I wanna be a swimmer like you. So it has to be real good!

  4. You are Sarah. It's a really good site though shows you everything.


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