Sunday, July 25, 2010

Little bit of this and that!!!

Well today is Day 3 post injections and I feel good. Lower back is not sore, just still feeling muscular tightness for which I am still working on my flexibility. I am also on Day 3 of my exercises which Kevin has given me. It is only single leg squats 3 x 10 reps 3 times a day and I must admit I am holding my posture alot better. I no longer drop my hip on the leg I am standing on but rather I squeeze my glute and turn on my core muscles and this is helping me maintain my posture alot better.
My hip/groin tenderness is close to non-existent, I am so happy. Finally the uphill climb injury wise is stabilising, and I finally feel I am moving full steam ahead into the light.

Also, during these days where I am doing little exercise I have been doing alot of reading. And I came across the Toyota U.S Open Triathlon 2009 results and as far as my swimming is concerned I am not far off in the rankings for my 1500m swim. The Top 5 girls times are between 19:59 and 21:07. I did my 1500m in 22:48, so I am quite pleased with it. I know, I know Triathlon is a multisport event, but atleast I have one leg that's ok. Now it's time to get the other two working at an okay level. I will never be a fantastic runner nor a sprint cyclist but maybe, just maybe I can get them to a level where they will not let me down too much.

I would also like to give a "SHOUT OUT" to one of my friends Andrew C. on Daily Mile who is competing in the M7 marathon today. I know you will have done an awesome job Andrew and what a great accomplishment. I look forward to hearing all about it and hearing what your thought's were during your run.

Physio tomorrow, I wonder what it will bring?


  1. *new follower*
    You look so stable in that pic - I did one-legged squats today, too, and spent the whole time trying not to fall over. :)

  2. Hey there P, thanks so much for following.Feel free to spread the word around.I love having people share in my journey.
    It's quite a hard thing those single leg squats. Takes alot of concentration.

  3. that IS a crazy movement. My head would be smashed through the wall.

  4. Patrick: I took this photo a while ago and I used to use the swiss ball for a bit of balance. I actually just do this standing in front of the mirror now. Looking back on this photo I think I look like the "Karate kid".

  5. Love the woodwork in your house, adds a lot of character. One-legged squats seem to be the exercise that everyone is pushing these days, must be something to it!

  6. Have read down a few posts but moving quickly... I take it you are having sciatic problems??

    I have dealt with that before and it is terrible. The trainer at school had been busy and by the time he saw me I WAS DESPERATE!!

    Its usually in my right leg for some reason. I was to the point of amputation!! He gave me two stretches which I use when it flares up.

    I'll be checking back on your progress. New follower here. Dop by and see me!!

    Love the fact that you reply back to comments made. A lot of people don't do that!! Blogchat Rocks!!!

  7. Kovas: Sure is a hard one. You have to balance and make sure the knee of the leg you are standing on tracks directly over the toes. Harder than it looks.

    64 CLASSIC: Thanks so much for stopping and leaving a message by, it is much appreciated. Always nice to see new faces.

    Yes sciatica has been one aspect but I have had inflammation of SI spaces for 14yrs. Finally things are looking up and getting attended to.

  8. hahaha --- I thought, "she looks like Daniel-son" and then I read your comment to Patrick. cracked me up!

  9. Jeff: Great minds think alike :) But, I feel like this exercise really is working. So I will continue the "stalk pose" for a while I think :)


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