Friday, July 22, 2011

You can't crack me.

Mother Nature. Atleast not all the way. Yet you do make it ever so challenging to get my butt out there. Each element on it's on - cold, wind, rain, I could deal with but stick them all together and I am using every cell in my body to stay focused. And sometimes I win and other times as you know, you win. What I am asking for though Mother Nature, is that atleast for the next 2 Saturday and Sunday's you please PLEASE just give me moderate weather so I can atleast feel that I have done my job in preparing for Yeppoon.

I feel ready for the swim, I feel totally ready for the swim. Yesterdays swim session cemented that for me. However, I now just need to be able to transfer that feeling into the open water. I would be ecstatic to hold my 1:20/1:25 per hundred in the open water however reality is - for me atleast, that I need to work on OWS more often and stay out of the pool in order for that to happen. So that is my goal for this upcoming season - to get Open Water ready. One session will be in a pool and the rest will be at the lakes. Anyone want to be my training buddy?

My running is well - moving along. Not quite where I want to be but I will take where I am at. I still have a few good weeks of training left so fingers crossed hey. I am still doing all my core strengthening stuff at home as per Jodie and Nick and attending Core & Strengthening class with Sparta PT. I feel as though I can feel my core muscles becoming more engaged now. Now I just need them to behave when I am running and riding.
Blue Steele visits Sparta PT.


  1. I was very honoured that Blue Steele came to visit Sparta ;)

    I am praying for good weather over the weekend. I have a l-o-n-g training walk on the cards :0 Hopefully the combined effect of our pray efforts might convince Mother Nature!

    J xx

  2. Fingers crossed Jen. She doesn't even have to behave all weekend. She can still rain at night if she so feels inclined. Goodluck with your walk.

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