Friday, July 22, 2011

Bucket list.

There is nothing wrong with me - I promise. But as I was driving to my ART session this morning I was thinking about all the things I wanted to do in my life from this point forward. The thoughts came flying in faster than I could keep track and they were absolutely exciting. And I would like to see each of them come to fruition. So here goes - putting it out there into the Universe.
  • Velodrome - I have been stuck on this idea for a while now and can't quite shake it. After watching my friend Macca compete, it is something I really want to try. There is nothing quite like the sound of those bikes going around that track - the roar and vibration of the track underfoot is amazing. I think somehow my love for the sport is because of my Grandad's gene's. He used to ride at the Velodrome in Uruguay and was National Champion in his day.
  • Write a book - I know I have this blog, but I would love to write a book, a column even. I couldn't think of anything better than to write for a living. To be able to write and express yourself in my eye's is cathartic. And if it is able to shed some light on a situation for just one person then what could be better. You just never know how your word's or thoughts could influence another human being.
  • Cage diving - For those of you who know how afraid of sharks I am, this may come as quite a shock but it is something I want to do. Talk about coming face to face with with your fear. But I would also love to swim side by side with a Gray Nurse Shark and a Beluga Whale. I have seen documentaries on both and have wanted to since then.
  • Meet Chrissie Wellington and Mirinda Carfrae - these 2 women are amazing. The strength, determination, ability, tenacity and courage is beyond anything I can begin to comprehend. To spend one day learning from them would be my dream - mind you they would have to stop me from giggly like a BIG girl first. "Oh, Hi, what's your name?" My response ""
  • Two week Cattle Droving experience - How much fun would that be? Watching the movie "Australia" and seeing all those great Australian Getaway deals has made me yearn to be out under the great Australian skies. Having a beautiful camp fire every night and just being at one with nature. Awesome.
  • Meet Alexander Popov, Geoff Huegill, Ian Thorpe, The Mean Machine, Cindy Lou FitzPatrick - ahhh, my dream. What AMAZING swimmers. Imagine sitting down to a great dinner with the likes of these people. Past and present legends all discussing their love for one sport. I would just sit and listen and take it all in.
  • Go on Dancing with the Stars - I love dancing. As a child I did Ballet and as an adult I did Tap and Funk. How much fun would it be to get all dolled up and learn a myriad of dance steps and get twirled around that floor like some princess. I think out of every sport I have tried in my life - dancing apart from swimming was the one that felt most natural.
  • Ride my bike - from Sydney to Melbourne with Elissa. Something we had been discussing for ages. What an amazing way to see our beautiful coastline.
  • And try to get on the AMAZING RACE with Sarah. Keep your fingers crossed people. Can you imagine! What a way to see the world. Another one of my dreams.
  • Oh and last but not least - visit the Maldives. Have you seen how white those sands are and how blue that water is. HEAVEN.
So what's on your bucket list? Do you have one? If not - get cracking on one. You may just surprise yourself with the things you get to do and see.


  1. awesome Barbara.what a champ and what a list..fascinating :-)

  2. I don't really have a "bucket list". I don't feel the desire to meet any particular people, apart from friends or family. I've done cave diving, deep wreck diving and dived with sharks (without a cage). Done white water rafting in Townsville and I lived on a cattle station in NT for 3 months. I've also done freefall solo skydiving over Sydney and Adelaide - amazing!
    I have some exercise based goals, but I don't think they count.


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