Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm here

So I packed everything but the kitchen sink to come up - but in my defence this pile only has my race gear in amongst it all. My everyday clothes bag still was not packed. It's amazing how much stuff you have to pack for a family of 5. In a way were lucky we were taking the 2 cars as there was no way we would fit it all in one car plus my Mum and Father in laws stuff as well.
As we headed out for the adventure of a lifetime - to say that I had rechecked my stuff a million and one times would have been an understatement. But I decided that if something was a miss well then it could be bought up at Port. So I said Goodbye to home and knew that when I returned I would be returning a changed person. I would have reached the pinnacle of my journey and accomplished something I never thought in my wildest of dreams possible.

Making our way up to Port was well - what can I say - eventful. The weather has been a big fat BLAH. We went through about 5 different sets of rain clouds and since arriving here it pretty much has not stopped raining since. And by rain I mean - torrential rain. The kind that makes the ground so slushy because it can't soak up another drop. Oh well, should make the race interesting on Sunday if it continues.

As we were driving up I really wasn't giving much thought to the fact that I was heading up to race until I came across this sign about 60kms from Port.
Amazing how one little (well big) sign can make you quiver. Reality hit me like a plank of 4x4 to the head yet again. Arriving at Port did the much the same thing. There were sponsor signs everywhere, people riding their bikes, people jogging all over the place and just that neat BUZZ which filled the air.

When we reached our accomodation, the kids dispersed frantically to find their rooms and I walked straight out the back to admire the beauty of this place. To think that some people have this view everday upon waking makes me slightly jealous.
The house we are renting for the 9 days is amazing. This water view encompasses the side and back of the house and they even have their own jetty. If I had some dollars I would offer to buy it and live here permanently. But then I think I said the same of Kiama. Must be all the greenery that does it to me.

Yesterday morning I met up with Jodie and Chris and some friends for a swim at the swim course. Not the ideal weather conditions I was hoping for but the water was beautiful. There were only some patches that were cold but the rest was warm. Swimming out was slightly tough as you had the current coming at you, but coming back was awesome.
Can't wait to do it all again this morning. Speaking of such - I must head out the door or I will miss it. Speak soon.


  1. whoa !!!! so awesome it's almost here. Super exited for you.

  2. You are going to ace it Barbie. It won't be a walk in the park but you'll ace it! I'll be cheering you on and can't wait to find out how you did :-)

  3. Good luck this weekend! Hope the race goes beyond your expectations. Finish. Finish without injury. Meet your goals.


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