Friday, April 29, 2011

Could it maybe

Be sun I see!!!!! YES IT WAS. I'm sure it was warmth I could feel on my skin this morning just prior to getting in the water. And as the sun finally decided to stick it's bright happy face out from behind the clouds I had to get a photo. I wasn't sure when I was going to see it again.
The swim was just glorious. It finally just felt so right in the water. The wetsuit is starting to feel better and I am definitely feeling much more confident out in the open water - finally.

Among the many things to do and see here I have also registered and gotten all my goodies in my backpack. Not to mention having splurged on a few things to help remind me of the event.
I also took a bit of a walk around where the finishing chute will be to try and take in some of the enormity of what will be come Sunday.
Still looking at this photo brings tears to my eyes. It has been such an emotional journey and I feel so blessed to have been able to make it to this very day. I only hope I remember every emotion from this Sunday.

This afternoon we have Pre-race registration and I have gotten my bike and helmet set up with their stickers.
Little OCD me was getting frustrated with the fact that my helmet sticker wouldn't sit on properly without getting creases. So my first lesson for Port was - Let things be. This is the least of my worries. There could potentially be bigger things to worry about and this is not one of them.

Elissa came over last night to stay with us till Tuesday and Susan and her hubby are arriving today to stay as well. Should be a good day as it is also Mum's 64th birthday today. We are heading off to do some Strawberry picking today - so we can have it with dessert tonight.

Everytime I head out I am spotting lots of friends and their families. And this morning as I went for a quick ride with Jodie and crew I spotted Tim Berkel and Belinda Granger. Once again you have that star struck moment - they look so strong and ready to do battle. If I could have a smidge I their ability I would be one happy individual.

I have to confess - I had my first mini cry this morning as we made our way to Matthew Flinders. I got all emotional and scared and almost felt the same way I did when I did my first ever Enticer. My legs got all wobbly and I really questioned myself. Lucky for me we only did the top half as Jodie wanted us to stay fresh. Anyway after that little emotional outburst I felt better. I was in control again.

Can't believe it's tomorrow. I will be doing my first 70.3. WooHoo


  1. Woohoo! So exciting! Good luck! You are going to do awesome!

  2. Will be thinking about you. You will ROCK it!

  3. You are going to kick so much butt!

  4. Can't wait to hear all about it!! Have a marvelous time!!

    70.3 WOOT!

  5. Thinking of you this very minute.....


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