Friday, October 29, 2010

Sunday's Race Gear

Seeing as my first Sprint Tri is this Sunday I thought it wise to lay everything out again and see if anything needed fixing, or if I was missing anything. Nothing missing and everything in tip top shape. Can't believe how well all the colours match. Totally freaky that I had the bike on layby before I even knew the new club colours.
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  1. You are going to do great in your tri! How exciting!! I love how everything matches too! :)

  2. That PTC kit is really nice looking. So is that bike. And the tape on the aero bars is sweet.

    Good luck...

  3. I am SOOO excited for you!
    When I did my first one I was a bundle of nerves and energy:) It was an amazing feeling thinking I was even going to do it- and so excited!
    You are going to do amazing!!!! I wish I could be there to cheer you on:)

    (Thanks for your comment on my post today...and yes! I do homeschool my 4. It has its moments but I wouldn't trade it for anything....well....except for a wee bit more time to train;)

  4. Come on ! enjoy ! your spanish supporter !!

  5. Try to channel that race anxiety into race ENERGY – put it to good use!

  6. Water Bottle

    Have fun and rock your race

  7. You look Pro !! That's awesome. Heres good karma comming atcha !! Bring more than 1 GU please. And water bottles.
    Have a great race.

  8. Aimee: Thankyou. And yep, girls have got to match colours :)

    Patrick: Thankyou. I will need all the luck I can get. I love my PTC kit too.

    Dawn: I will have your best wishes with me on the day, spurring me on when I feel tired. Thankyou.

    Oscarjet: Muchas gracias. Lo aprecio muchissimo.

    Quinton J: Will do. Thanks mate.

    TRI james: Will try. I have got lots of it.

    Pretend this is real: Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower. Will try my hardest on the day.

    BDD: I had the drink bottle in the sink getting washed (silly me). Must not forget. Thanks :)

    TRI714: Thanks. Now just have to perform even remotely like one :) That little satchet is some chamois lubricant. GU gels in the fridge ready to go. Bottle is now in drying and ready to pack with Gatorade.

  9. Charisa: Thankyou so much for coming over and visiting my blog. I was watching the Ironman Wisconsin yesterday on Foxtel and saw you on there and was telling my husband how I follow your blog. And now here you are. Pretty cool.

  10. Oh Barb! Just wanted to say your bike is HOT! I'm mean like Smoking, Sexy, Make-My-Knees-Swoon, HAWT! :P

  11. Runs: Hahaha, have they stopped shaking yet ;)


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