Sunday, August 22, 2010

What a glorious day.

Today just couldn't get any more magnificent - blue skies, slight breeze, deliciously warm sun and the beckoning of the M7 bike track - which of course I heeded. How could I pass up an opportunity to ride, on what I can only be classed as the best Winter's day ever. Mel and I decided to just ride with no particular destination only that at the 45 minute mark we were to turnaround and head back.

So off we set chatting along the way and when some of the hills required less talk that is what we did too. It's not that the hills are hugely steep they are just a constant gradual incline to the point that your wondering when you will finally reach the top. The good thing is that once you reach the top there is always a decline, and boy - do I let it rip. I love the feeling of freedom I get as the wind is whooshing past my ears, I feel so alive. But I am sure those thoughts could quickly change should I get the wobbles.

As I pedalled strongly, I continued to play with the gears up hill and down hill to get a really good feel of all the different ranges this beautiful Aliyah has. And even though I felt some of those inclines in my quads - I know I would have felt them more on my flat bar roadie. Clicking in and out of the cleats feels like second nature, I don't even find myself thinking of it as I come to a stop. So in my mind this means this bike and I were meant to be.

The one thing I can't find myself getting used to is the pain in the nether regions. At what point is this meant to feel better? Any ideas of time frame would be much appreciated. I keep hearing the more time spent in the saddle the easier it will get, but heck - it hurts.

But I won't complain too much, today was a great day. We covered 26km - so not a great distance but this was Mel's first time of the bike track. Next time we go for longer - can't wait.


  1. Sounds lovely--I still don't think there are ever any clouds here! Try a variety of shorts to help with the side effects...

  2. It is different for everyone but time in the saddle does help. I would suggest slowly building up mileage for a couple of weeks and if it does not get better you might need to look for a new seat.

    However, seats are a very individual thing. You might have to try several. I went through a couple and ended up with a stock, hard as a rock, cervelo seat (a friend bought a new bike and gave me the seat that came on it). I actually think I just got used to riding more miles. Now I can ride just about any seat.

  3. misszippy: Today there are clouds, yuk. Thank goodness the weather behaved for your holiday. And will definately have to try other shorts for sure.

    Tri-james: This is my second saddle and I do like how it feels so maybe I just have to just put in the extra time.

  4. Sounds like a glorious day! How's about sending some of that winter this way?

  5. Nice job on your ride. As far as the pain goes... it seems the more hours you put in on that ride, the better it becomes. I would suggest going saddle shopping as well and find one that really "fits" you and your physiology.

    Congratulations on the new ride!

  6. Getting professionally fit is another option - if one fitter doesn't do the trick, try another. It can be expensive, but so are new saddles and shorts, etc.


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