Thursday, July 8, 2010

What are some of your pet peevs?

I do alot of reading. Heck, the one thing I have learn't since becoming a member of the Triathlon world is that "the more you learn, the easier things will become for you and others around you". There is always a wealth of information at your fingertips in cyberspace, some things that are useful and other things that are down right ridiculous.

Whilst on FB this morning I came across an article posted by in regards to Triathlon Etiquette. The Top 10 list is awesome, simplistic yet so common sense it's not funny. The Triathlon I competed in in March was by no means a massive event and so I did not experience the flailing arms and elbows in the swim component - mind you I am lucky enough to be a good swimmer so I was out the front. But it got me thinking about when I was younger and doing open water swims with the Surf Life Saving Clubs and how it used to get a bit aggressive in the water. My strategy was to swim on the outskirts even if it meant swimming a little extra. It did save me a black eye, squashed nose, cracked rib.

I can understand how things get a bit CRAZY in the water. There could potentially be 100's of people all hoping to get prime position, clusters of people who have the same swimming ability, a swarm of arms and legs all moving in the same direction trying to get to the one exit point. But after listening to one of my friends who is a middle of the pack swimmer say she was struggling to get air as she was systematically grabbed at and dragged under - I think some people just don't think about their fellow competitors welfare. I am all for trying to do well but not at someone's expense.

SO, I would have to say that even though I am a total novice, my one pet peev would be unsporstman like behaviour. When I was doing the bike leg I was smiling at everyone, encouraging, letting people know I was going to pass them. I feel better knowing I have gotten to the finish line without having intentionally hurt anyone along the way.

Whats your PET PEEV?


  1. People who dont smile when they are on the bike! It actually frustrates me when people turn the other way when you acknowledge them! It is exercise it should be fun!

  2. I don't know if this is a pet peev, but I've everyone I've ever seen dump on their bike at the dismount line where the ones (if I am allowed to use overall investment in bikes and aero helmets as a qualifier), who should know better.

  3. Since I am new, I am a big "encourager" of people. I say "looking good!" "way to kick ass!" etc. Some people look at me like I'm nuts. Just smile please :-) And don't throw your bike up on the rack and nearly kick me in the face while I am setting up my transition area - and then walk away without saying "hello" "have a good race" or even "get out of my way." That makes one want to slash a tire.

  4. people being reckless in transition. one of the races this year, another elite guy dumped his bike and the whole rack fell over. what was he thinking???????
    love the article on triathlon etiquette. i have been thinking a lot about that lately.


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