Wednesday, July 7, 2010

For the past couple of months my husband has complained on/off of not feeling too crash hot. But like most men he just put off going to the doctors. For one reason or another it was not really a blip on his radar to get it looked into. I love my husband dearly but working is his number one priority (apart from us) as is bringing home the "bacon" so we can all enjoy life. Like I said, I had been on his case for months about getting a blood test. Well he finally succumbed to my constant ranting and raving and thank goodness for that, his cholesterol is through the roof.

I have somehow taken this as a bit of an attack on my expertise in the kitchen. I know, silly, but I am the one that cooks in our house. I always thought I cooked healthy food. I only use olive oil - and sparingly at that, I don't cook with salt, I only ever buy wholegrain bread and brown rice. I need to sit down and go right over the household menus and go right through the pantry with a fine toothed comb as the doctor said he has 3 months to try and lower it. Time to get supremely focused.

If it does not lower then possibly it is genetics. I think his grandfather passed away from a heartattack and I don't want the same thing happening to my husband. So, if medication is what he needs than so be it, but first things first - DIET. And exercise - yes, he will get cracking on some exercise. Daily, regardless of the whinging and whineing, I will get him walking or running, intervals on my bike trainer - whatever it takes. At the end of these 3 months if it hasn't budged, it has not been through lack of effort.

Yesterday my daughter woke up with an inflammed right middle knuckle - sore to touch. She hasn't hit it, knocked it, there are no bites on it - nothing I could see. So I took her to the GP today and he is testing her for Rheumatoid Factor due to my history with arthritis. He is not sure what it is and feels it could have been a bite from something, but just to be on the safe side he ordered bloods to be taken. I have just about everything crossed on my body for it to just be nothing. My heart would just break into pieces if it shows up with something. My kids are my absolute life.

Anyway some news just given from physio is that I can get back into walk/running. I will start this Sunday as my introduction into getting ready for this Half Marathon. I can't wait - but believe me I will go into this with the reigns on. No sprinting, or galavanting around like a prancing pony. Nice and slow it will be.



  1. Sorry to hear about your hubby. My mum had VERY high count too and it was down to diet. She manages it well but will always be off certain foods.
    Best of luck with the running!


  2. Eoin: Thanks. It is time for "Nice Barbie" to turn into "Task Master Barbie" for the next 3 months. And thankyou for the well wishes in regards to my running.

  3. Diet and Omega 3 capsules. I swear by them!

  4. Bummer Barbie. Hoping diet and exercise work - they didn't quite for me, but some basic changes have worked some wonders.

  5. wow sorry for your troubles but congrats on your new training partner! hope you get some more good news soon

  6. Hey -- Can you shoot me an email at We may be going to Sydney next month (not sure where you are?) and I'd love to pick your brain!


  7. Patrick: The company I get my nutritional supplementation from has Krill EFA. Same concept in regards to mechanism of action so will definately invest in that for hubby.

    Kovas: Fingers crossed too. What did you do that showed an improvement? I know you have been doing a huge overhaul on the diet, can you suggest some ideas? Any yummy recipes?

    Joe: Thanks for your kinds words. Training partner!!!!! Maybe I will get him into Tri's :)

    misszippy: Job done. How long you staying for? I will try to think of places for you to visit and some great running tracks for you.

  8. Best wishes to hubby and daughter, Barb. The post kind of struck a chord with me... I had high cholesterol (242) 10 years ago. My doctor was going to put me on medication if it stayed high, but thought that diet and exercise might be enough. Medication is great, but I didn't want it if it could be controlled naturally. Went on daily walking and finally started running a little in 2005-2006. Got really into running in 2008. In 2005, my cholesterol was 212. This year, it was 180.

  9. Vern: This gives me great hope that it could be lowered.Your measurement of cholesterol sounds super high. Stephen's is 7.4 and it should be between 2.0 - 5.5. Fingers crossed with effort we should get this under control.

    Stephen says to pass on "Thankyou". He much appreciates everyone's kind wishes.


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