Thursday, May 20, 2010

A smile I will never forget.

How awesome is it when you see someone reach their potential. How awesome is it to see someone smile because they feel so proud of themselves.What a blessing it is to share in a moment when that person goes into an activity with a certain expectation and comes out having totally annihalating it to oblivion. Well today was that day. This post is dedicated to my friend Sharon.

Sharon is one of those people you just know from the very first time you meet them that they are going to be in your life for a very long time. She has a heart of gold and genuine interest in you as a person - people like her are very rare.

I am so glad we went swimming together today. Last week I had written up a very brief training session for her. It was brief to the point of only being 300m. The last time we went swimming together was at the beginning of the year so I didn't want to make the session too long. So it consisted of sets of 25m Freestyle and kick with a 30 sec break. WELL, Sharon did the first 25m and said at the 15 sec rest point can I keep going - I said "Of course". And that was it - Sharon was on a roll. The 300m came and went without even a slight look of tiredness physically. She just kept knocking them out one after the other and before I knew it she had reached the 1km mark. The woman is a legend.

As I continued with my planned session of 2.8km Sharon just kept going. She chopped and changed from kicking, to Freestyle, to breastroke back to Freestyle. And as I finished my last lap Sharon was floating around and feeling as proud as punch. She had just done 1.5km. If I could have bottled the pride that was oozing out of her and tried to sell it - we would have made millions - actually it was priceless. That feeling is what makes training all the more worth it, it's what keeps you focused during the harder times. I remember that feeling of your very first major accomplishment - nothing, absolutely nothing can knock you off your perch. What a buzz.

So Sharon this is for you:
Cant wait to do it again next week. Remember no less than 1500m - you can do it.


  1. that is awesome! we should be able to bottle those moments to share with others when needed! Cheers and way to go Sharon!

  2. Wouldnt that be fantastic. I will pass on your Congrats to her.

  3. great story. It's awesome when breakthroughs can be shared....

  4. Patrick: it sure is. You just know that when someone feels that good about what they have achieved then anything is possible.

    BDD: she did awesome. Definately WAY TO GO :)

  5. what a lovely post, thank you Barbara ... not just for your help with swimming but for all your help, friendship and inspiration, luv ya, S, x

  6. Sharon: Luv ya too. I am so super happy for you, cant stop telling people. You so deserve everything good that comes your way. Honoured to be your friend.


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