Friday, May 21, 2010

Physiotherapy Day 2 - New Drama

I have just come back from the physiotherapist and am a bit battered and bruised yet again. I mentioned to her about this feeling I get every now and then in my left leg and which had happened again on Wednesday (I think that was the day) when I went for my 7km run with Susan. My foot and lower leg kind of go a bit numb and I almost feel as though I sort of lose control - like foot drop. But it doesn't happen all the time - so I was not that concerned. Anyway when I mentioned it to her she kind of looked at me quite seriously and started pressing around the outer lateral aspect of my knee and down the outer shin and I felt like my leg was on fire. With that came the words "I think you have a Peroneal Nerve Impingement". With those words I thought I was going to lose full use of my leg and my eyes started to well up with tears.

Thank goodness she quickly reassured me inbetween continuing to rub the area. So why were my eyes still filling up with tears, oh thats right - the rubbing hurt like CRAZY. The cold sweats broke out again and all I could do was breathe through the pain - much like I did when I was giving birth. I find the pain hard to describe - it's like burning, red raw, pulled muscle kind of feeling when she is rubbing the area. Not nice, but after it is all said and done I feel good.

Anyway, I have another stretch to add to the combo - "Peroneal Neural Stretch" which should help dislodge it and allow it to move freely. I will give my daughter the task to take some photos of the stretches as I am doing them to show you what I have to do. Mainly they are leg stretches but she has added two more core stability ones as well. Should make for some entertainment as they involve using the Swiss Ball.

Saying for today "What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger".


  1. love the saying, I actually used it last night while out running with a group who were saying it was a tough night! Don't you love visiting physio, it hurts but only makes us better afterwards!

  2. Another stretch, another lesson for us. Maybe you should become a physical therapist? :)

  3. Do you have a foam roller? If you dont I highly suggest getting one to help stretch and massage your muscles.

  4. Skierz: I think this is going to be my daily mantra for a while. Seems I start to just get rid of the bruising and then I have a whole new set to replace them. Here's another saying I may use NO PAIN NO GAIN.

    Kovas: you are so right. I could potentially be the first physio without a degree with everything I am

    BDD: No I don't, but I will definately have to invest in one. I am hearing alot about them.


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