Thursday, March 24, 2011

It doesn't feel like it.

When I started writing this blog over a year ago, my aim was to one day have something to look back on and feel proud of. I wanted something to show my children that whatever it was you wanted to achieve you could - all you needed was drive and determination. And above all else to enjoy what it was you were doing.

When I started this blog over a year ago I promised myself that I would be brutally honest about how it was I was feeling every step of the way in the hope that by doing so I would be able to work through it and see clearly. That whatever it was that was masking or clouding my thoughts would be blown away like a cloud on a windy day just by be able to air it in writing.

So I write this post more so to help me through whatever it is that I am going through at the moment. To help me realise that this is merely a small blip on the radar - and that there is nothing to fear. That all my training to this very point will help see me through the fact that getting myself off of this couch is the very hardest thing for me to do at this very moment.

Since yesterday lunch I have had such lethargy that it is hard to put into words. I don't know if I feel sick or if I am coming down with an illness or whether my body has just said STOP. My eyes have felt like they have been on fire for over 24hrs yet there is no temp. My body feels like a bag of Jello but yet heavy with every step. I feel so dehydrated yet I am drinking like a fish. And all I want to do is cry - because I feel like I am so close to achieving my dream but scared that I won't get there.

Is it possible for a human body to feel so high and strong one minute and so low and weak the next? Is it possible to feel invincible and ready to tackle anything that stands in your way and then in the blink of an eye feel frail and ready to curl up in a ball. The rational side of my brain says this is nothing and that all you need is rest and to not take it would be frivolous yet the other side of my brain is scared and hoping I haven't gotten to as far as I can go and this is all I have left.

I really hope not, surely I have more. Just at this moment it doesn't feel like it.


  1. I always yell out at myself..."It's all in my head"...when I feel I cannot go a step further.
    But I truly believe there ARE moments when we have to step back and realize we aren't superheros. Are bodies are incredible and can do unthinkable things...but there do come times where we need rest.
    Maybe you've reached a point where you need to rest- not only your body, but your head.

    Enough preaching. Sorry.
    You work incredibly hard. If I lived nearby I would kidnap you for a few days and all we would do would be eat, drink, and dance:)
    And not think of racing, training, goals....


  2. I agree with Dawn, the human body is hardly invincible. Even the most super elite athlete in the world has days like this. Do the math - you've done so much in the last year for a day (or 2 or 3) to have any real impact on your ability.

    All will be fine.

  3. This just something you have to get through. It won't last. Try some easy workouts, leave all your watches and data recording devices at home and just get out there, but most importantly take it easy. Buddha said, "Life is suffering" keep that in mind as you work to get to the other side.

  4. Barbie--I hate hearing you like this, you who is always so upbeat! I would suggest taking a few days off, just rest. You won't lose ANY fitness and it will hopefully recharge your batteries, both mentally and physically. Good luck.

  5. Dawn: Yes, that day finally hit hard. I slept 12hrs last night and still would like to sleep more. Off to the Doc's today.

    Patrick M: Thankyou. Sometimes hard to get your head around it. But that is what I am going to do.

    Patrick: I will try. But today is another rest day filled with lots of fluids to help flush out whatever is in this body.

    misszippy: I am definitely not my usual self. Still feel flat and weak after a massive sleep. Rest is all I will do till I feel better.

  6. Barb. youre doing fine. just keep topping the tank up with training each day. no point in jumping out of your skin now when the race is 5 weeks away. come may 1 your tank will be full and you will be ready to rumble. remember, dont listen to those messages your brain sends. your body is capable of so much more than your brain would like you to know.


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