Saturday, February 12, 2011

Brace yourselves.

These are my new set of Flash Point 60's. I didn't think I could love my bike anymore - that was until I added these new babies to the mix. I was SO LUCKY to pick these up off my friend Elissa who has only just upgraded to a pair of ZIPP after a holiday to the States.

So things that I love (language used will be girly and really unprofessional):
  • The colour - they match perfectly with my Cannondale - Red, Black, Grey and White - these were made for my bike.
  • The spokes - totally bad ass - flat and silver and just look like they mean business.
  • The actual tyres are black and red.
  • My back tyre makes a cool clickey sound when you stop pedalling. I sound all pro like.
Fingers crossed the weather behaves tomorrow for my first ride with these gems. I am hoping it's not too windy as I think it may make it a tough ride and I will then have to put my other wheels back on.

I love my bike.


  1. I am drooling, and jealous, mostly drooling

  2. BDD: You make me laugh. But I must admit since yesterday I too am drooling. I just can't stop staring at it.

  3. Seriously, that bike looks pro :-)Go make it proud. Wind pfft. Ride girl, ride.

  4. Jealous. Very VERY jealous. Sorry...but I'm honest at least;)

    Have a great ride....tell me all about it.
    Well....don't go overboard;)

  5. Wow! You're bike looks awesome! I laughed about the clicky sound thing. My Cervelo makes that sound and it was one of the reasons I was so stoked to have it!

  6. TRI714: Didn't get to ride those wheels - the valve kept letting the air out. Nevermind - wheels are at the bike shop getting all fixed for me.

    Dawn: Thats why WE are friends.Today the ride was not meant to be with those wheels.

    tri like mary: isn't it just the best sound ever.


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