Friday, January 21, 2011

Its time to squash some demons.

This wonderful little package arrived in the mail today and no sooner did I open it my stomach did a total backflip. The Cole Classic 2km Ocean Swim was my way of getting over my fear of the unknown, and by unknown I mean what I cannot see beneath me. I am okay with swimming in the Regatta Centre as there are no sharks or stingers but the Ocean leaves so much open to the imagination - and mine seems to go off on a tangent quite often.

My daughter who was in the car with me at the time said "Mum aren't you scared", to which I replied "Of course, but there will be hundreds of other swimmers with me". She ruminated over that sentence for a bit and then said "But Mum, your a fast swimmer so that means you will be out the front on your own". I was left speechless and with this horrible image in my head:
Daaaa -da, daaa-da daaa-da
All I could here was that horrible tune from the movie as Jaws moves up for the kill and the swimmer is none the wiser. Mind you my form would be much much better than the girls in the picture. Wrists are totally bent way out of whack and head is too high in the water.

As my imagination once again spiralled way out of control I tried to focus on something other than the fear of what lay beneath. I mean really what are the chances! With that much commotion, sharks will be the furthest away possible - surely. And if I should get into trouble all I need to do is raise my hand and someone will be there as there will be a tonne of Surf Life Saving Members on inflatable rescue boats, rescue boards and rescue ski's - so I think I should be good.

Either that or I should replace the Jaws theme song with the Rocky theme song and beat the living crap out of whatever bad thought comes into my head.

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  1. I like the Rocky option. You'll be fine for sure, looks like a great event to be part of. In my recent ultra we were warned about sharks and even crocs at some river crossings. I opted to detour to the road and cross over the bridges there.

  2. You'll do fine, a friend of mine is doing it too (she's from Manly) and she's never been worried about sea life. Mind you she swims in the sea a lot too.
    As long as you swim faster than the person nearest the shark you'll be ok ha ha!

  3. Sharks attack the weak and injured - you are neither. PLus, they probably couldn't catch you!

  4. I am always too worried about what going on around me with other swimmers that I never think about what below me

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  6. they are just big little fish that you have absolutely no control over!! statistically they dont seem to like racers or enjoy the taste! Focus on what you can control, that is swimming like a stealth swimmer and your day will rock!

  7. You are going to be fine and do awesome!!

  8. Having been a surfer since the age of 11 I have to say JAWS was the wost movie ever made. That being said it is in my top 5 favorite movies because in reality it was made so damn good. It just scared and continues to scare the crap out of everyone concidering the open water ocean swim/surf/Kayak etc..
    Go with what you said first, there will be hundreds of you out there. And they will be more afraid of you than you of them. 99 % of what few shark attacks there are on people are randomn and by accident.

  9. You can swim faster than those sharks--you'll be fine! ; )

    I agree, ocean swimming is scary business. Give me a lake anytime!


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