Friday, January 28, 2011

Hot, steamy, sweaty.

No, this is not the beginning of some raunchy Mills & Boon Novel but rather the only words I could use to describe yesterdays bike ride and how hot it has been for the last 3 days or so. From the moment I step foot outside to get to the meeting point I could feel heat and moisture in the air - wish I had a humidity gadget to see just how thick the air was with moisture.

I drove to the usual meeting spot, only my 3 person ride turned out to be just me as one had slept in (everyone's allowed a sleep in) and the other had a mishap and thought their helmet was in the car and it turns out it wasn't - hate it when I forget stuff, she was quite upset by it as she was looking forward to a good ride and I was looking forward to a good chat on my recovery week Zone 2 ride. Nevermind, next time.

So as I set out on a cloudy but visibly humid morning it was instantly noticeable just how much moisture there was in the air. Within minutes I had a slight film of what could have been passed as sweat only was too early on in the piece to even be sweating. As the sky got lighter I could see in every direction a hazy mist - much like stepping into a greenhouse I would think.

I was lucky in that I didn't have to do intervals as even cycling at a nice slow pace made me sweat absolute buckets and I was having trouble keeping up with the fluids. Bugs where becoming my best friends and deciding to get up close and personal or even sacrificing themselves to be protein shots for me. GROSS. After retrieving a few from my eyeballs I decided it was high time to put my sunnies on.

It was about that time I heard the swooshing of some tyres coming up beside me and then a "Hey Barb" - WHAT THE???? Look over my shoulder and its Darryl. What a lovely surprise, we cycled together for a bit had a chat - as I just love to chat and then it was his turn to head home. Coming back home I caught sight of Jeremy out for his ride too - I am so lucky to know so many wonderful people. So I completed 44km in just over 90 mins for my Zone 2 ride and felt great.
The last 2km was bit fast for Zone 2 but was fun.

I have also made 2 significant purchases over the last 2 weeks - one I have with me and the other I should be getting soon. What do you think?

Getting shortly
I have with me.

Hoping both will help me get a little more speed when I am in a race. I would even be happy with a minute less in my Sprint Tri's. Even if I'm not any faster I am going to feel fabulous. And it all matches with my bike and uniform - it's all about matching with me. I got these off 2 friends from the club and I have had a wonderful deal done on both - how lucky am I?

I also have taken alot of my medals, ribbons and trophies from my younger years out of storage. Decided it was high time to show those babies off - not sure why I had them in my cupboard in the first place.

Wish I had of realised back then how good I was, maybe I could have made it to the Olympics? One of my ribbons had me doing my 50m Free at the age of 9 in 39 secs. I think I could have been something great.


  1. you ARE (and I'm sure were) something great Barb, back then it just wasn't meant to work really hard for your achievements, be proud of who you are and remember that being positive will only help you on your journey.

  2. Jennie, you have just brought a tear to my eye. Thankyou for your kind words. I will continue to stay positive, its just that when you look back over the years and you see how good you were and never took advantage or harnessed your potential. I now understand why Mum used to keep pushing me, cause she could see.

  3. You ARE something great! ANd you are here now~! So keep on....and keep smiling....and don't let what could have been ruin what will be!!!! You rock girl!!!!!!

  4. the aero wheels and helmet may not necessarily contribute to faster speeds. what 'aero' will assist you with is the the amount of effort required to travel a certain distance at a certain speed. e.g. in your current setup (rs10's and laser helmet) over a hour at an average of 30kmh may be equivalent to an output of 220 watts (averaged). with your aero wheels & helmet over an hour at an average of 30kmh may mean that you only need to produce 180 watts (averaged). this would mean that coming off the bike and into your run - you'll be fresher .. or conversely, you go quicker on the ride and run the same time - depends how you want to play it out.

  5. Love it!! The ribbon collection is a good inspiration as well, you are putting in the miles in all conditions and that will translate into more amazing results! Love the bucket!

  6. Nice organization on all the hardware...mine is in a box in a closet somewhere, so I am impressed. And boy am I jealous of your nice warm weather!! Enjoy it.

  7. Love all the ribbons ! Who told you that you are not great ? I'll hop the pond and give them a crack upside the head for you.
    The new toys are cool too.

  8. You the greatest of all time, there its written and is now the true.

    I am sooooooo jealous of your new wheels

  9. Ugh..I hate when bugs get into my eyes and mouth on rides!! Blah!!

    Yay for new wheels and a helmet! They look awesome!

  10. I've said it before, I will say it again - you ARE good Barb. So much so that I'm jealous of how far you have come in your first (half) season! I know you struggle to see it but we do :-)

    And as for those medals & ribbons, show those babies off! I recently found a photo of me with one of the other tropies I have ever one; it was an encouragement award, LOL.

  11. Nice wheels! That's my next indulgence and you bet I will buy ones that match my bike! All those awards are amazing! You may have been able to make Olympics but you DID turn into something great. :-)


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