Thursday, December 9, 2010

Not much week.

So far this week I have only done 47kms. Tuesday as you recall I was hot, bothered and tired but I mustered up enough strength to get it done. Yesterday I was meant to do my swim and track work - but just couldn't. Apart from kids piano lessons and Kyle going to an end of year pool party I just didn't have enough "get up and go" for my at home 40min run that I was supposed to do.

I am also mentally in a slump today. Which is why I am having another day off. If there is one thing I am getting good at and that is listening to my body. But at the same time I am feeling very upset that I am missing out on all my training. I would have dearly loved to have gone to track last night but even if I didn't have any other prior engagements the quality of my session would have been poor. I am frustrated. Can you tell?

I am over being tired and complaining about it.

Will this get better? I sure hope so. This taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back does my head in. It never happened with my swimming - but then again I was younger and the distances were alot different and I was only focused on one discipline.

So thought I would just vent for a bit and get it off my chest - has it made me feel better - not really. Would a catnap help - probably. Can I get a catnap - NO, children have now finished school for the year. This is another thing I am starting to fret about. How am I meant to get all my training in without it interfering with family and life. How am I meant to split myself in two pieces let alone 2 thousand pieces and still leave a little something for me at the end so I can recover. I don't know how to do this and it is making me feel anxious as well.

How do you all manage it once the kids are home for the holidays?


  1. It does get a little tricky when the kiddos are at home full time. One thing I did was get up early to get my swim workouts done and back home before anyone even woke up. I use the trainer at home to get my bike workouts done and bring the kids to kids club at the gym to get my runs done. My husband is also a major support system for me, so we came up with game plans for the weekends so I could get my key long workouts done. Sometimes workouts are missed, but I was alright with that. The key is to try and find the right balance! Good luck!

  2. Sometimes, if I have a crap schedule, and I know it will be tough getting in a workout, and I really don't feel like it anyway, I just make a decision to call it a rest day.

    Once I do that, it's like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. I immediately relax, get good rest, and I always bounce back with a quality workout.

    Hang in there. Happens to everyone.

  3. I guess we all have bad days as regards training and we call them rest days or recovery days. I've had 3 days in a row this week that I didn't have time to run and I just have to get over it I think.
    What helps me, is getting up at pre-6am to get my run/workout in before the family is awake. Yes, it means that I'm tired earlier in the evening but it does mean that my training isn't suffering.
    Hope this helps!

  4. Listen...when I'm feelin' down-n'-out...I slam Tim Tams. Nothing says "I'm done with my slump and I'm ready to get back on track" like a Tim Tam Slam. Nuthin.

    As for this busy time of year...I know it's tough...but try to lower your expectations. Try to find a training compromise that allows you to still get out there and not loose too much of your training…but also that let’s you enjoy this season and this time that you have with family. Things will be back to normal before you know it.

    Also listen to some reggae.

  5. It will get better. I know it doesnt seem possible but it will. Just keep on training

  6. It has been tough, I've had kids parties, preschool christmas parties, graduation ceremonies, school interviews, visiting an invalid parent and work. I've done 75% of my weekly program and feel good about that.
    Very early Who enjoys that??? YUK!!! Be content with what you can do, and smell the roses


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