Thursday, November 18, 2010

Flat out knackered.

Yesterday arvo was nothing short of "BLAH". Both physically and mentally. I just couldn't get it together. I felt really flat for most of the day and now know that this my body's way of saying "Barb, take a chill pill". Unfortunately in true Barbie style I didn't listen and tried to go the one extra step, and now am wishing I didn't.

As much as I love track and everything I do, last night was just so hard. My legs felt heavy, almost like walking around with a couple of gumboots on filled with cement. At first I thought it was just that feeling you get when you are warming up, but as the session progressed I got more and more tired and my legs got even heavier. I even had to take puffer x 2 which is slightly unusual. This then had such a negative effect on my psyche. Most people would be happy with running a sub 5 min 1km TT, but because it was 9 secs slower than my last attempt I got a bit peeved. Mind you, if I really wanted to look at it on a more positive note - this was after 10 x 400's.

The 10 x 400's were meant to be on 1:50 with a 30 sec break inbetween. But this was not to be. It gradually got worse until the last 4 were on 2:20. I just could not keep up with the pack, they are just so strong and fit. Everything I hope to one day be like. I know it will happen, but being impatient me:


Anyway, when I got home and had a shower my left foot started to feel a bit achey and tight. So when I looked down I kind of was a bit shocked to realise how swollen it was. This is the ankle I twisted ever so gracefully (NOT) on my first ever bush walk over a year ago. What do you think? Ghastly, I have a cankle!!!!

So I strapped it and elevated it and I must say it is not much better this morning. But then again neither is my other ankle. I think this could be fluid retention - a totally negative side effect I have been left with after Steroid treatment for the flare - up of arthritis. Two summers ago anyone would have thought I was suffering from elephantitis my ankles were that big. And I also had "pitting oedema" to match. So today I will just wear my compression sox and try to keep my legs as elevated as possible to remove some of it. No training today.

So as not to finish this post on a downer, my Giveaway entrants list is growing. I am so happy. Keep the entries coming for Barbie's first ever Aussie giveaway.


  1. I'm sorry about your ankle! I hope it feels better soon!

  2. Barb,

    You need to listen to your body, you have been training the house down for a few months now. A big part of training is resting too. Train within yourselve and you will achive your goals, remember it is a long season and we have just started.
    Keep your spirts up and alway try and look on the positive side of things...

  3. Agree with mark barb. Listen to your body. It won't hurt to have a light week one in four. Try some anti inflamatories (with food) as the inflammation could be from the stresses on your ankles. Your body is still learning how to cope with running. Give it some time to recover and adjust so your fresh for good quality sessions next week. Catch you at the sat swim. No running before then!!

  4. I'm sorry to say but I agree with the others. As you well know, recovery & rest is essential. Training itself is only the stimulus; it causes damage to & breaking down of the body. Rest & recovery is when the rebuilding takes place & the body gets stronger.

    I think it's also really important to keep in mind the huge amount of stress that runnning in particular takes on your body. The cardio fitness will improve MUCH faster than the rate at which your ligaments & tendons in particular will grow stronger. So it's very easy to put them under stress they aren't prepared for.

    Have a day off, get some sleep & be kind to your body. You have got YEARS ahead of you in this sport. No need to rush things!


  5. Opps. That last comment was from me. Stoopid blogger! x

  6. I can't even focus on reading the post because I'm totally singing Veruca's song now. I want the wooorld I want the WHOLE world, presents and donuts and fruitcake with no nuts....gah I love that movie!

  7. Marc: Thanks so much for your words. Your right, I should rest and reading everyone's kind words definately lifts my spirits.

    Anonymous: I wish I could say I knew who wrote this. Obviously it's someone from the club. I have done what you said - Ibuprofen with food and am now resting. Thanks :)

    Jen: Everything you have said is totally correct. I am so lucky to have friends who bring words of wisdom. I have been doing absolutely nothing today apart from watching movies. Thankyou.

    Heather: I love that movie too. Could watch it over and over again.

  8. Oh so sorry! I KNOW how you feel. I have done something similar and been through the swollen thing(s):((((
    Or I will fly over there and bring you back here...where snow is flying, winds are howling, and ice covers everything.
    (Cause I ain't driving you to no pool or gym on these roads;)))
    Canadian hugs:)

  9. Dawn: Please do so, would love to go visit Canada, even if it's snowing like crazy. Have only touched snow once. I do feel better this afternoon. I won't be running tomorrow, only spin and swimming but doing the swim fairly easy too.

  10. Hey Barb, be patient I know how you are feeling about trying to run faster, it will happen, look after yourself and let your body recover. I will see you at swimming on Sat arvo if your there.

  11. Hey Barbie,
    Nothing I can add that hasn't already been said, so just keep the foot/feet elevated and ice if required.
    Sending good vibes :-)

  12. Paul: Thanks so much for jumping on and leaving a comment. It is so nice to see you are reading my blog. I will be there. Look forward to catching up.

    Eoin: Thanks so much. They are much better today. And today I have allowed myself another day of rest.


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