Monday, November 8, 2010

Enough already.

Okay, I have just about had enough of this "cold bug" that keeps cropping up around my home. Just when it looks like everyone is just about over it BAM someone else come's down with it and starts the whole vicious cycle all over again. We (the family - not I) have had sinusitis, throat infections, swollen lymph glands, sneezing, croup ARGH. And as a result of that my pharmacy bill has risen exponentially on antibiotics, puffers, nebuliser, decongestants, you name it.

I have also increased the Vitamin C intake and disinfected my house to the point of stupidity. My house constantly smells like a Eucalyptus Cough Lolly. Maybe this year was their year to get sick, last year they all went by unscathed and it was I who was sick. It just makes it difficult to follow a strict training regime when you seem to have sick people calling on you and having days off school. Lucky I have the best mum in the world who came and minded my youngest whilst I atleast got my swim session in:
  • 3 x 300m - 1st Fr/s, 2nd Pull Bouy, 3rd with fins
  • 4 x 200m Fr/s tempo coming in on 3:00 leaving on 3:20
  • 10 x 50m Fr/s - odds under 40, evens over 45, leaving on 1:00
  • 8 x 50m scull for 25m, Fr/s for 25m
  • 200m Fr/s easy concentrating on kick
  • 400m Fr/s every 2nd 50m hard
  • 200m cooldown.
Felt nice to get out and clear the illness cobwebs before they take hold of me. Nothing a bit of fresh air and chlorine won't fix I say. Although the first two sets really were a bit hard, I was still suffering from a bit of yesterdays lack of oomph. But by the end of the session I had just about all of my energy back.

I was planning to do my 5km run this afternoon but we all of a sudden got hit with a hail storm and lots of thunder and lightening, so that kind of canned that idea. And then when it all stopped it was time to pick up the other 2 from school and the afternoon onslaught began. Will do the 5km run tomorrow morning if the rain holds out and then I will be hitting the indoor trainer for my 2hr ride.

Gotta make the best out of any situation otherwise my training may start to suffer.


  1. Making the best of any situation is what we
    Tri-moms do best:)
    Hope the bug crawls away quickly.
    And Yay for mums who help us out:))

    Hope you have a wonderful new week!!

  2. I think the triathlon gods are telling you it's time for a recovery week!

  3. I just got a tip that we should rinse out mouths out twice a day with mouth wash, more if we are sick to kill all the germs in the back of our throats. Just passing it along

  4. At least you aren't too ill to get some training. Hoping all the family have a speedy recovery!

  5. LOL…Have you sat down and discussed with your family how their constant sickness is affecting your training? They need to understand that this is unacceptable. LOL…good luck with that. doesn't last long.

  6. Dawn: Exactly. I feel like I am constantly on the go of late. No time to rest at all.

    Flatout Jim: This is my second week in the program. One more week then I get to recover. Would be much better if the family stopped getting

    BDD: Done. I gargle twice daily anyway. Maybe I should bathe in and get the family to do the same :)

    Eoin: Yeah, no I feel fine just tired from waking up to coughing from the family.

    Quinton J: I have and nobody is listening LOL. How inconsiderate....LOL


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