Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back into the swing.

With my first Sprint Tri completed and still happy with my results, there was no time to rest. Actually I got one day's rest, but not for me. My son and daughter were both at home with head colds so I got stuck indoors being Nurse Mummy. Poor things were sounding like Mr Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street. So they are now on antibiotics for throat infections as well - fingers crossed my immune system fights off the dreaded bug. Can't have that interfering with my plans.

So with both still at home yesterday requiring TLC and my thoughts flying around the fact that I needed to get a 2hr bike ride in I decided to get on the trainer - Killing 2 birds with one stone. I was half tempted to sit on that trainer for 2 hrs, but that droning humming sound of the wheels spinning for two hours would have done mine as well as the kids heads in. So instead I peddled my little heart out for 1hr15mins. During that time I did 6 x 5mins Zone 3 efforts with a 5 min recovery inbetween as well as a warm up and cool down phase.

The time I spent on the trainer was probably the most uncomfortable I have been in a while. Not for any other reason than the bike I have on there was my Giant with a male specific saddle. Talk about being sore. I don't know how you guys tolerate such a hard seat. I was jumping from right butt cheek to left butt cheek the whole time - I even resorted to sitting on a cushion. Couldn't stand it.

No sooner did I finish off I jumped and out the door for a 10min run. Nothing fast or furious - just something to get the legs accustomed to that odd sensation of running on bike legs. Couldn't wander to far away from home for obvious reasons but my training for yesterday was done and I felt good, apart from the sore undercarriage.

I am really liking how my body is adjusting to the training. Everything is feeling nice and strong and recovering really well. Fingers crossed it continues this way.


  1. Glad to hear that you pulled up so well after your race. Now get thyself back to the bike shop & do not leave until the boys have put a women specific saddle onto your bike. I'm surprised they didn't suggest it when you picked it up. Life as you know it will never be the same again - in a good way;-) xx

  2. Jen: Hahaha, my Cannondale has the women's specific saddle but the one on the trainer has the male saddle from the Cannondale when I first bought it. I swapped it over so my trusty Cannondale steed had the comfy one.

    Just easier to leave the Giant on the trainer so I am not constantly swapping them.

  3. OK a couple things. Your new header photo is awesome, I think we may have the same sunglasses and I've decided that I'll be getting Mary a Cannondale....

  4. I like the new photo on the top of your blog! :)
    Way to get a bike/run brick done again so soon after your tri!

  5. Sore undercarriage...nice way to tell!!

    Yeap, not easy one...but there are worst than that pain!!

    Cheers from Melbourne!


  6. Ditto on the cool new photo.

    BTW, 75 hard minutes on the trainer trumps 2 hours easy anyday.

    Hope the kids are ok soon.

  7. Love the new banner pic…I mean the old one was awesome but this?!?!?!

    Get lots of rest (when you can) and drink plenty of fluids, and hopefully this “thing” passes right by you. Sounds like your training is going really well. Fingers crossed on this end too. Oh…and may your “undercarriage” be on the mend.

  8. Love the new banner and I am amazed at how much progress you have made recently!

  9. What Cannondale??? I thought you only had a Giant? The boys managed to convince you to join the Cannondale brigade did they? ;-P

  10. Patrick: Thanks about the header, and did your glasses cost you $10 too. And I would have to say "GO TEAM CANNONDALE".

    Aimee: Thanks. I thought I would struggle but I have been feeling great.

    Xavi: Your in Melbourne. What are you doing there?

    Flatout Jim: I think the trainer is definately harder too. Thanks for the get well for the children.

    Quinton J: I feel fine thanks, it was just the kiddies. And thanks for the compliment about the photo. And my undercarriage feels just fine and

    Kovas: Thanks. Isn't it toally cool how the training really pays dividends.

    Jen: I bought my Giant last year in December and then upgraded to the Cannondale about 3 months ago. When we met for the first time I was on my Cannondale. Best bike ever.


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