Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pre Race thoughts.

As I sit here typing it is approximately 6:40am on the morning of my first ever Sprint Tri. I am nervous but funnily enough not as nervous as yesterday (I am sure this will change). I am trying to stomach two Weetbix, a banana and my usual morning "get up and go" black coffee. I have clipped my toe nails as yesterday marshalling at our club event I realised how gross my toenails were looking.

The weather forecast has now changed from full rain and lightening to showers with a LOW-18, HIGH-27. This is much, much better - I am so happy.

I always think it's amazing how peaceful and calm the world looks this time of the morning. You could hear a pin drop. I am going to try to channel some that calmness and try to go into this race with a clear head, knowing full well that this is what I have been training for. Knowing that today's aim is to do the best that I am able to do and to race my own race.

My coach has given me some wise words on how to tackle each leg knowing full well that I have only run 5km twice and that this may be a bit of hard work - but she has nothing but confidence in me. And I too know that the most difficult part will be when I get off that bike to run - but if I can just keep those legs ticking over and not walk once, then I too will be proud of me.

So wish me luck all.


  1. I often feel the same thing before a race...

  2. Good luck!!! You may be going as I type...I wish you a super race!!!!!!
    Cannot wait to hear how it goes.....
    :))))) Excited for you!

  3. cant wait to hear your post race excitement report. you ll be fine.


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