Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spilling the beans.

Okay, so now that's it been made official and all, I guess I can open up and tell you all what has been transpiring over the course of the last 6 days. It all happened in a whirlwind fashion - like an unexpected romance that just knocks you off your feet. And it all started over a comment that I made on FaceBook. A comment, which I thought quite innocuous has now gotten me to where I am today. I am a firm believer in that if you just put it out there - whatever it may be - the universe will take care of the rest.

So, my comment on FB went something like this "Barbara, wonders why there is no AquaBiking here in Australia" followed by a clarification of "Barbara, wonders why there are no AquaBike events here in Australia" as I found out that there is AquaBiking only it's not a long course event but rather the big floaty bikes in the water - thanks Anita. This comment seemed to have gotten the interest of the Panther's Tri Club President and it was from that point on that things snowballed.

He too thought it would be a good idea to try and get some AquaBike events incorporated into the club races. This would not only benefit those who are injured but could help prolong the longevity of our Triathletes. Well, need I say I was so excited I ran around the house acting like a total shmuck and then broke out into the running man. But of course I needed to submit it to the committee and within minutes of receiving the president's interest I was on the club website
submitting an agenda item. Club meeting was on Monday night and I needed to make sure that this idea got given adequate time for discussion and I was going to attend.

The club president also stated that he really liked my blog, and wondered if he could link it within the club's website. Wow, that was just more than I could handle now. I was kind of in two minds about my blog going "local". Excited because now it meant I had friends from my club viewing my blog and hoped it would maybe show them how far I have come, but I was also a bit nervous about what their reactions would be and if they would think that maybe it was stupid. But I thought, what the heck, this was my life and if they thought it silly well they are welcomed to have their own opinion but I am proud of me. So I accepted the offer.

I was also offered in amongst all of this, a position as the club's 'Media & Public Relation's Director'. Can you believe it, this train had no brakes and was rolling full steam ahead. I mean okay, what does this position entail? Well, there was no better way than to find out by accepting, so I did. This was just too cool and offer to dismiss. And as my first port of call I now have my first article going into the local paper on Friday. Obviously it will be edited by the local journo, but essentially the info is mine with some added tweaking from the club president. I cannot believe it, my dream of writing in someway is going global in a local sort of way. I am also hoping that in the near future I will have written an article and it will go in a Triathlon Magazine.

So as of last night I am now officially Panthers Triathlon Clubs Media & Public Relations Director Extraordinaire. Am I excited, you bet. Am I nervous, yep. But what a journey this will be.


  1. That's just fantastic Barbara, well done!

  2. All sorts of fun stuff, congrats!

  3. WOW, how exciting - yay for you!!

  4. Love the tri top! And congrats on the new job and the writing and your blog being recognized!

  5. This is the most amazing story.
    I am going to my Facebook account right this minute to post the following:
    “WHY are there no good women’s swimsuit competitions in Toronto Canada”
    Let’s see what happens.

    Congrats on this. You’re blog is sure to be a hit and will definitely augment the vision that club has.

  6. What an incredible story, Barb! Congrats are in order!

  7. Being an Aquabiker myself, you know I am extra proud of you. Way to go out there and help spread the sport, you are right, aquabikes are for the injured (me) and who wants to prolong a racing career. Thanks for doing this, now I can race down under, all thanks to you.

  8. Eoin: thanks so much.

    Abbi: it sure is, I am so happy.

    P: thankyou very much.

    Kovas: Isn't it the coolest uniform.

    Joe: thanks heaps.

    Aimee: thankyou. Can't wait to do the first race.

    Quinton J:I think it could work ;).And I sure hope I can do the club justice.

    Vern: thanks heaps. I still can't believe it really.

    BDD: Thanks so very much. My aim is that should it take off at a club level we could hopefully get other clubs to see the benefits. I know it has real potential and as such should give it the attention it deserves. By all means come join us for a club race.

  9. Congratulations Barbara,
    This is exciting and wonderful.....I am so happy for you :-) Alison

  10. Alison: Thanks so much. And yes it is exciting and wonderful.

  11. Woohoo gorgeous girl, this is the bestest news I have heard in a long time. You deserve it so much and you will be brilliant. And if you ever need an assistant to proof read (I'm very good) just yell. I am so so so very happy for you. We have to celebrate. Marisa xxx

  12. that is awesome! you are on fire! keep training and who knows what will happen next ! Cheers!

  13. Marisa: Oh thanks hun. I may just call on you to help :)

    skierz: I sure will. This is so surreal.

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