Saturday, September 18, 2010

So not confident.

But I did it. Today I managed another road ride with the Panthers Tri Club gals, not as long as last week but in someway more challenging. Instead of doing a straight run out and back on the same road, we actually took some other roads. These other roads meant I had to join forces with real traffic to gain access to the motorway. All I can say is thank god I rode behind Cloe as she made me feel less stressed about verging with traffic.

I still have trouble trying to look over my shoulder without veering all over the place and the whole concept of "holding your line" is out the window when I am riding the bike. I also found because I got nervous when I was getting closer to a set of traffic lights with the possibility of having to stop, when the lights changed I couldn't get my left foot clicked back in which then made me get even more nervous.

Need to get the nerves under control quick sticks. We also had a tire changing session out on the freeway. Renee got a flat and we all got to watch as Cloe instructed us through the process. It was good because it re-inforced what Macca had shown me at the bike shop. But I guess there is nothing like learning on the job, so I think in the next couple of days I am going to deflate my front and rear tire and have a good couple of hours of doing it all on my own without the pressure of a race or needing to get home.

Yesterday I signed up for the first Tri of season. I was half contemplating signing up for the sprint but because I have struggled so much with the run component I opted to do another Enticer like the one I did in March. I am kind of glad because now it means I can give it my all in the swim and bike and just finish the run with no real emphasis on going good. I also had to take my wetsuit back as once in the water it did not fit well. On land it felt like the perfect fit and looked like it too but the moment I dove in I got water and air go in through the nape of the neck. So, the legendary boys at Panther Cycles took it back from me and now are in search of a smaller one. God love em, all to see a smile on my dial.

This afternoon I shall head to the pools for a swim and hope I don't cramp like crazy, which has been happening quite alot lately. think I may just have to purchase some Crampeze.
Worked wonders the last time I bought it. I hope you are all having an awesome start to your weekend.


  1. Hey Barbie,
    Not sure what tri wetsuits are meant to fit like, but diving wetsuits do let in some water and then your body heat will warm up that water and keep you warm. But it's all down to how much water they let in. Too much and it will escape and cool you down too much.
    As for cramps, I have started taking an electrolyte supplement for running, have you tried them?

  2. I'm slowly building my confidence on the bike. Last week, i stopped at a 4 way intersection. The car on the otherside waved me on. I tried to get started, and could NOT get clipped back in! I felt like I was fumbling around in the middle of the intersection for 10 minutes (I'm sure it was more like 10 seconds)! One day we'll laugh at this, haha :)

  3. The cramps are likely the result of either electrolyte imbalance or dehydration. try and stay away from the pills all they are doing is hiding the symptoms not fixing the problem.
    I trained a girl on riding this summer, she is after a couple of months kicking butt on the bike, you will get there. With your awesome attitude, I suspect it will be sooner than later!
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. A big pat on the back for the flat-fixing practice! You'll be glad you did it later on. I personally loathe changing tires, but once you've mastered it, it's really not SO bad!

  5. Eoin: I think they are meant to be super tight.I filled up with so much water when I got out a tonne was gushing out from the legs.

    Heather: It is definately an art, and yes we WILL get there.

    Skierz: Thanks for that.I have definately increased my fluid intake so not sure it's dehydration. It's when I put my feet into the pointed position like wearing fins or pushing off from the wall after a tumbleturn.

    misszippy: Practice makes perfect.


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