Friday, August 6, 2010

What a cracker.

I hate waking up with the beginnings of a headache. When this happens doesn't matter what I do or how quickly I get the pain relief in, I can pretty much be guaranteed a whopper of a headache that I will just have to try and manage till it relents. So after 2 lots of paracetamol and a dose of ibuprofen I can now open my eyes and feel some relief. However it leaves my head feeling like a big bag of marshmallows - all soft and gooshy.

I am a bit disappointed because today I had all intentions on actually getting out and riding my bike, we had another glorious day of sun and I was hoping to take the bike out on the road. But it was not to be, so today I will call my REST DAY.

I tried to think what it was that had caused my headache and the only thing that I can think is that I have had 2 fairly intense sessions in the pool this week and my shoulders and neck are feeling quite tense. Maybe I am due a massage.

This coming Sunday I am hoping to go see a Duathlon held at the lakes. Wish I could do it but for obvious reasons I can't, will have to be content to watch and cheer everyone else on. Hopefully tomorrow I can go for a ride.


  1. Animo que seguro que ese dolor de cabeza es pasajero y mejor descansar para mañana afrontarlo en mejores condiciones y disfrutar de la bici.

    Animo y seguro que en el siguiente duatlon, participas.

    Un saludo.

  2. Angel: Muchas gracias. Este dolor de cabeza era tan fuerte, por suerte se me fue.

  3. I hate headaches. I feel like that sometimes when I sleep too late, or drink too much cab the night before.

    Just be sure to drink lots of fluids. With a couple of hard pool sessions, you may be de-hydrated, but not know it because you were in water.

  4. Take it easy and feel better. I’m lucky I haven’t had a headache for a very long time.

  5. Sorry about your headaches. I do not know what causes yours, but I get them when I am not hydrated enough—I actually spent time in the hospital for dehydration about two years ago. I am never thirty during the day, but now force myself to drink throughout the day. I also keep my water bottle (Musselman HIM Finisher bottle!) next to my bed.

    Train Smart!

  6. Sorry about the headache, it was wise to call it a rest day, headaches are the one thing I wont train with

    May I suggest volunteering at the du this week, I really think you will enjoy it alot and its a way to give back to the race community.

  7. Hey Barbara,
    Pity about the headache, could be your body's way of looking for a rest. If I get headaches, it's usually caused by lack of hydration, or lack of potassium. So I just drink water and eat some bananas. But it could be one of many other reasons too.
    Hope it's gone by now!

  8. Thanks so much everyone and you know what I think I am the luckiest girl to have all you observant individuals as friends. You all mentioned about dehydration and after todays ride and not having sweat a bit I do believe you are all right and need an A+. Thanks


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