Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Surround yourself with
those who believe in you
and who will help you
achieve your goals.

"Lisa Marie Yost"

Since I started writing my blog at the beginning of the year, I have always wanted to turn it into a hard copy to one day possibly, hopefully inspire others to maybe undertake the same path that I have in reaching their dreams. Yes, maybe helping them get to their first ever 70.3 or hopefully encouraging them to look at any goal they have set and just going out and getting it. I mean really - we are the master of our own destiny and sometimes all we need is just the words of a mere human being to make us realise that we too can do it.

My friends always say to me that I have courage, I think of it more as "if I don't make the step myself who else is going to take it for me". I believe in putting it out there and the universe will take it on board and help you to reach your goal. So that's what I am doing. Good things will happen, I know they will. It may not be today or tomorrow - I mean I haven't reached the conclusion to my blog yet, but if I make the necessary connections now, things will come good.

I have learnt so much so far and know that there is still so much to learn, but I hope to impart some of this knowledge to others who feel that either it's too hard or that they are not worth it. Everyone is worth it and everyone has it in them to do good and strive to the best of their ability.

I look forward to this journey with great enthusiasm.


  1. That is what I love so much about blogging. We help each other out with advice, encouragement, and motivation!

  2. Put me down for 3 copies of that hardcover when it gets done;0)

  3. I love it! I am along that ride with you! Sharing how great taking chances and putting yourself out there can be! No one can make your life a wonderful adventure but you, so, the more we can encourage others to do that, the happier place it will be for everyone!

  4. Barbara,
    I think it is a great idea. Your an inspiration. Please put me down for a copy .......signed of course. Alison

  5. Aimee: That is so true. It's amazing how people you have never met can touch your life in such a meaningful way.

    Quinton J: Wow, 3 - that's awesome.I am so happy.

    Skierz: Thankyou so much. I appreciate all your kind words.

    Alison: Cool, will do. And thankyou for my compliment. Much appreciated.

  6. Awesome--I think it's a great idea!

  7. I always tell my kids to take that first step because if it's terrible, move on, if it's great, you took the step.

  8. misszippy: if you have any ideas can you please let me know. I would appreciate it greatly.

    Kovas: So so true. You never know until you give it a go.

  9. I love, love, LOVE this post, one of the best this year that I have read

  10. BDD: What an honour you have bestowed upon me. That means so much. THANKYOU

  11. Barb, great post, as always! Your story inspires everyone who knows you!

    I came across this link on Blogger for publishing a blog to a book. Maybe something like this is what you are looking for.

  12. Vern: Thankyou so much. Your words are very sweet. Thankyou so much for that. Will definately look into it. I have a publishing house wanting to have a look at my manuscript. So I am very excited.


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