Friday, August 20, 2010

My eyes are dry.

Why I here you ask? Well, I cannot peel my eyes away from staring at my new baby. Everything about it screams style, speed, endurance and performance. I even woke up last night to a thump in the still of night, and had to check on the bike to make sure it was still there and not being knocked off by some Cannondale enthusiast. And once awake do you think I could go back to sleep - not a chance. I lay awake for the next hour rolling over names in my head that would give my baby justice.

Yesterday was a day I will always remember and I am sure the guys at Panther's Cycles will also remember it too, for much different reasons. I had been waiting to get my bike for months and my anxiety over to having to wait and finally reaching this day was probably more than I could handle. I was like Mt Vesuvius - ready to explode (actually I think I did). The guys were in front row seats for my spectacular show and could hardly believe their eyes - I'm sure. My pupils became fixed and dilated and I could feel a massive rush of adrenalin course through my body. I was finally touching my bike, MY BIKE. This had no-one else's name on it apart from mine.

As the adrenalin dissipated and my normal bubbly self returned and manic Barb left the building, I was able to finally get focused on the task at hand. Getting fitted - and stupid me forgot to take my bike shorts in. So, much to Macca's dismay, I was going to have to be fitted in my jeans. It worked, I just rolled my jeans up, excused my hairy legs (it's winter) and we got started. First the seat, then the bars and everything else. I got a workshop on how to change a flat, take off my back wheel and put it back on again, how to use the gears and how to sit on my saddle properly. 90 minutes later and I was good to go.

Few things have to added and changed - like my saddle, the white one is a male specific seat and I have my female specific SelleItalia, so I will be getting that changed today. My son will get the white one on the GIANT. I am also going to get a bike kit with all the little bit n pieces should I get a flat out on my many road rides which I will now be definately doing.

So back to naming my baby - the first thing I did this morning was start searching for names, and I came across a name which resonated immensely within me. It is a name that not only demonstrates courage to stand alone and be brave, but it also describes the journey that I have been on. So it is with great honour I present to you:

(Hebrew - to ascend, to rise up).

I look forward to a wonderful journey with Aliyah. A true bond which will only grow over the years and the paths we share together.


  1. Nothing says g'day like bike porn!

  2. Yay for a new bike! And, I love the name! I still haven't named mine. :(

  3. awesome - love the new ride. pretty soon, i hope to have pics of my new (this season) ride. i agree with RockStarTri - bike porn is the best! And the new name - super sweet!

  4. RockStarTri: Well g'day to you :) She's a beauty.

    Aimee: Isn't it the best feeling. She is just the most gorgeous thing i have ever seen (bike wise of course).

    Jeffrey: Look forward to seeing the photos. Sweet. I love the name too, has such a deep meaning for me.

  5. super sweet ride. Enjoy the miles...

    What saddle are you getting? I'm obsessed with Fizik at the moment though I don't know what the situation for the ladies is with their line.

    BTW I had very nice breakfast with a pal from Australia yesterday. Always a pleasure to hang with your countrymen.

  6. Patrick: I swapped my saddle from my other bike to this one for the time being till I can get the same brand just in white again. It's a ladies SelleItalia. The white one is slightly more expensive again. May just have to mortgage the

    Which part of Aus is your friend from? We are a pretty down to earth kinda bunch. No fuss :)

  7. Welcome to Team Cannondale. Now you need a full cannondale kit.

  8. I can't wait to hear your first ride review! you think you love that bike now, wait until you start rolling with it! Wahoo!

  9. i read about you via misszippy;-) sooo fun you had a bloggy meet up;-)

  10. AM-GoalsfortheWeek: Thankyou so much for stopping in. We had so much fun yesterday afternoon. Amanda is such a lovely person and her family are super sweet.


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