Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Check settings.

Boy, am I dumb. I ask, actually implore for all of you to remind me to make sure my settings are correct the next time I post how many kilometres I do.

After last Sunday's ride even though I was happy that I had ridden for close to two hours I was slightly disappointed that I had only managed to do 35km. I kept thinking to myself how could it be possible that in my 10km ride in the Enticer I did it in 22minutes - and it now took me close to 2hrs to do 35km. I know I feel stronger and faster so this just didn't make sense.

So I sent an email to TrailFlix for them to help me determine my distance and I was so excited with the response. I actually rode 28km one way, a total of 56km both ways and a distance of 35 miles. NOT KILOMETRES. What a dufus.

Need I tell you that I have just set a new PR in riding. I am now 4km shy of being 2/3's of the way to my 70.3 cycle leg. All because I set myself the goal of just trying to keep my toosh attached to the saddle for close to 2 hours. I cannot believe it. This is just such an awesome feeling. I wouldn't trade it in for anything in the world. And better yet, my back was not any worse for it.

Accomplishing this has made me feel strong. It has made me see things totally differently - like anything is possible. Like for all of my little problems along the way I still manage to succeed. What more can a girl want?

Tomorrow I intend on riding the hill x 3 times. I know I can do this.


  1. That's a screw up I'd love to make.

    I usually ride by time rather than distance anyway. Mostly because I forget to re-set my computer, but I'll plan a 90 minute ride rather than a 40k ride.

    Just works better for me.

  2. So nice when the correction goes in the other way, right? Great job! You'll rock those hills...so glad you are enjoying your new toy so much.

  3. Excellent! you have 241 days until race day, don't overdo it, you have lots of time to get your miles in and stay healthy! you are doing amazing way to go!

  4. Totally awesome. I'm guessing the new bike is pretty cool...

  5. Flatout Jim: I am just so happy that I could got to that distance without even realising it.

    misszippy: Isn't it ever. She is just the best.

    Skierz:I can't get over how much stronger I feel in my legs.

    Patrick: She is the best.


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