Friday, July 16, 2010

Rest - who needs it - ME

"Frustrated" is really not the word I would like to use to describe how I am feeling right now, but I have to keep this clean. Once again things are a bit tender this morning. My right groin and ligament behind my knee feel bruised and tight. Even more so after my easy spin on the trainer. I did 20km in 50minutes and I came off feeling a bit worse for wear. Things just feel tight and a bit inflammed and I am now more than ever needing answers.

Something in me says its my condition, flaring up all over again.

So anyway, tomorrow I am going to treat myself to a much needed massage and see if I can think of something other than whatever it is that is going on physically with me. Come Tuesday I hope to have some answers as I see the sports med doc and I am hoping he will send me for an MRI of my lower back and lower limbs.

Sunday is swim day. Here's to things feeling a bit better.


  1. Ahh sh*t, Barbie. We need to get you off this roller coaster. Have a good day off tomorrow and hopefully it's still all moving forward. You have to be ready for that race me and Kovas are supposed to come and do with you.

  2. I have a few years on you (6), but I am finding a few more aches and pains now then I did when I started this racket.

    The key is you have to get smarter. Rest day and massage is an excellent idea.

  3. Patrick: your right. I am over this ride, not fun anymore. Lets see how I pull up tomorrow.

    Flatout Jim: I am very much looking forward to it. This inflammatory condition is a down right pain in the proverbials.

  4. Sorry to hear it! Hopefully massage and rest will do the trick--you are being smart about it.

  5. Massage and rest may do the trick, fingers crossed. Too bad it's cold by you, that picture of the feet on the beach sure looks good.

  6. misszippy: Maybe I should take up surfing. I am getting good at riding the waves. But I must admit, I feel a bit defeated today. The massage went well. The lady has even offered giving me a full body massage for $10 less if I am going to make it a frequent thing.

    Kovas: I hope so. I bought this linament that has Wintergreen, Lavender, Camphor and Menthol. Smells divine and I can rub it into the affected area every 4 hours.


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