Thursday, June 10, 2010

Legends strike again

Thursday morning swim sessions are increasing in number. Lanes 3 through to 6 are now occupied with committed women - so steer clear. We are women on a mission - and nothing shows greater commitment then going into an outdoor pool when the wind is howling and we are heading into winter. Ok, it's sunny but we are only having a high of 11 degrees celsius in this photo.

Last night I wrote out everyone's swim session and I think they really enjoyed it. I increased Sharon's session cause she is just aceing this swimming to 1.7km. She even finished with a smile - I LOVE IT. Susan rocked out another 1.7km despite having a sore neck and shoulder for which she is seeing the osteopath for. Tracy once again worked her way through the 1.3km like it was nothing - so guess what my friend, up it goes next week :). And then we had two other legendary women join us, Mel and Michelle. Mel who had done the TriShave Womens Triathlon with me is getting back into the swimming groove. For her first session back I decided to wean her back in with a 1.4km swim - too easy. She loved it - YAY. And Michelle did Tracy's session with just as much ease. WOW - I best be getting movin', these women are on fire.

My session went as follows:
  • 500m Fr/s warm up
  • 5 x 200m Fr/s, Bk/s, Br/s, Fr/s
  • 10 x 50m kick with flippers
  • 10 x 100m Fr/s - 5 with paddles, 5 without
I was supposed to finish up with a 200m cool down but an offer for a yummy coffee came up with Susan and I just could not refuse. I was also given the nicest present from Sharon - a cool PowerBalance bracelet. They are meant to improve balance, flexibility and core strength - everything I need. Thankyou so much - I feel blessed. The cool thing is it is in a hot pink colour.

After finishing off in the pool I went into the bathroom to get changed and as I looked at myself in the mirror and down at my jeans (the new ones I bought about 6 weeks ago) I realised I have saggy butt syndrome. I am losing my Bootie, does this mean I have to buy another pair of jeans - oh dear - what a tragedy. At this rate with everything I need to buy I may need to look for some sponsorship :) Only kidding. It is very exciting to know that I am getting fitter and leaner.


  1. You are really training hard on your swim!

    Cheers from HK!


  2. Yes saggy butt syndrome. A couple of donuts should take care of that, and far cheaper than new jeans.

  3. you are unstoppable in the pool. Sorry about your jeans (but not really). It sucks that we get financially penalized for getting in shape. Plus a good pair of jeans is sometimes hard to find.

  4. Wow good job and way to go! Ha ha I know what you mean about the saggy butt, I need to firm mine up!

  5. hahaha donuts. You are literally working your butt off! Thats some hard work!

  6. Excellent training session, I'm a loooong way off that!

  7. Xavi: Swimming is the one thing that doesn't feel that hard for me luckily.

    Flatout Jim: Can I swap those donuts for some Salt n Vinegar chips pls :)

    Patrick: I searched high and low for these jeans and now they go and stretch on me....thanks for your compliment

    OceanDreams: I think my butt has disappeared, I would actually like a bit of it back.

    Christina: at this rate if any more disappears I will be buttless....

    Eoin: thankyou so much. You will get there, it has taken me a year to get to this. When I was younger I used to swim 5-7km a session twice a day 6 days a week. Oh the exuberance of youth.

  8. I'm so proud of you Barb! Your training just gets stronger and stronger! What an inspiration!


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