Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Baby - what should I name him?

I have finally found the image of my bike. This is him to a "T". Don't you just love him. I am still paying it off and probably won't have him till the end of June and I cannot wait to have my first ride. However before that glorious day I need to name him. I don't know why I think it's a "He" versus a "She", it just looks masculine. So I will have to search the internet for some names that do him justice. I would like something that represents strength, determination, courage, speed, bravery. Not sure if there is a name that accurately covers all of this but I will try to find it, because naming him "bike" won't do.


  1. As in "Gladiator". Very good. Thanks for joining my blog.

  2. Definately. I could shorten it to "Russ".

  3. At least put it on the short list. And you are welcome for joining your blog. And even though I am not currently naming a bike you can check me out at if you'd like. Best of luck.

  4. Name it after you ride it. I had a name picked out for my roadie "caliente" because is was a sweet looking bike, on our maiden voyage, she put a hurting on me and I quickly renamed it "Mercy" and it has stuck ever since.


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