Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And then some.

The above saying could not more accurately describe how I have viewed my journey to date. At first I didn't think I could feel better, then I didn't think I could get fit, then I thought I could not run and then today I squashed all self doubt once again. Little by little I have inched my way through each goal and kept setting personal goals to reach my next goal. And my next goal was a 10km run. I DID IT. I have a 10km run under my belt and all because I wanted to. And I know I shouldn't have timed myself but I am have become a bit of a numbers freak. I did it in 59min 15 secs. I was so happy to have done it under the hour mark, now it's just a matter of maintaining that time or getting better.

Maybe I am looking way way ahead of myself, but I am feeling pretty good about my running at the moment and think I may just be okay with doing 21.1km. Not right now of course, but I don't think it will be too far in the future either. I like this longer running business. It gives me much the same feeling as when I am swimming - loads of time to think. But this time I think about my breathing, my stride, the pace I am running. Whether or not I am slumping forward or holding my posture correctly. Lots of time to analyse, critique and correct to make it feel easier. I think about how it would feel to actually be running at that pace for well over two hours after having come off a 90km bike ride. Could I hold that pace or will my legs seize up.

I am sure all these questions will be answered as my training intensifies. So far though I am tickled pink with my progress.


  1. Nice going reaching your goal, and then setting a new one immediately!

  2. Congrats, your training is really coming together!!!

  3. Kovas, thanks so much. I'm a bit nutty like that. Can't sit on the same goal for too long. Have to keep moving forward.

    Big Daddy Diesel: thankyou. It feels so right at the moment.

  4. Are you on Would love to follow your training logs. You are going to be fine. Plus I like your blogging. For me, it's become part of training - a time to decompress and get it all out. Quite cathartic, actually.


  5. Thanks for your sweet comment Barbie, I'm glad that you are comfortable with your running and I know you are going to reach some amazing goals in the near future!

  6. Patrick: I am on DailyMile. I log all my training on there.And thanks for liking my blog. I too find it extremely cathartic to blurb out all my feelings.

    OceanDreams: You are so welcome. I am loving my running but today I am feeling it.


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