Monday, May 10, 2010

2/3 of a movie - Does it count? Hell yeah.

After 37km, I would say I had an eventful day today. I started off with going for a 7km walk/run with my best friend Susan, her sister Melanie and father David. I was initially going to make this a full 7km run when I got out of bed, but I really enjoy their company and decided to go along with them. And after a yummy coffee (cause we sooooo deserved it) I ventured home with the aim to get a full movie's worth on the bike trainer.

I moved my bike into prime position in front of the TV and loaded up the coffee table with the essentials - remote controls for the TV and DVD player, a large glass of water, my mobile and house phone should someone ring and an electrolyte drink. Extremely important items - oh and a cushion to rest forward on as I don't have Tri bars. I was set, this 90 minutes or so looked like it was easy.....WRONG.

My legs and backside fizzled at the 60 minute mark. I was going hard for a solid hour and I have no idea what my cadence was but I was spinning at a constant rhythm. So I was happy. I would have preferred to have sat through the whole movie but 2/3 was better than nothing at all.

Distance: 30.24km
Time: 1:01:37
Max speed: 42.7kph
Avg speed: 29.3kph

I would say that even though I didn't quite make it to my goal I got 2/3's of the way there. Better than nothing I say .


  1. 60 minutes is great! Maybe a shorter movie next time, and then sit through bonus features if you have the motivation.

  2. riding a trainer is a gruelling exercise at the best of times! Way to go for getting 60 minutes in! I always go crazy wanting to get off the trainer when I am riding!

  3. nicely done. An hour on a trainer is about 61 minutes more than I could do. I think there is a tremendous mental training benefit to pedaling without any stimulation except the movie, which probably makes it even harder because we're so hard wired to plop down on the couch for that.

  4. Kovas: sounds like an idea, I chose a Love movie, felt like crying in parts, surprised I stayed focused :)

    Skierz: it is definately much more challenging, the scenery is always the same...funny that. But I figure if I can stay focused indoors for longer periods then I should have the mental toughness to see me through a longer Triathlon.

    Patrick: Believe me I could hear the couch calling my name but I resisted the temptation. I think it will make me mentally tougher.


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